Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Boyfriends for Hire

Amy, tell the people about how your Kundalini awakening came about.

 A Kundaline awakening is a release of energy from ones chakras.  This results in a heightened awareness and consciousness.  It can be mistaken for psychosis.  Here in Upstate NY no psychiatrists have any knowledge to my knowledge as to how to differentiate them.  The Eastern US is very conservative with the medical process.  Different from the norm of society means psychosis.  That is that, no question.  I believe that a Kundaline event occurred in my life in 2013.

In 2012 I went through some stressful events in my lovelife.  I dated three different guys consecutively.  These men and their actions tipped me off that I am in an organized crime type of scenario.  Men are paid to mistreat me.
  The first dude was S.  He was nice but he had a pushy persona.  We only dated a few times.  We went on a walk in the wooded park.  He was Jewish and a professor, which I liked.  He was also a photographer and had been on safari to photograph the killing of a lion in Africa.  I knew the lion.  He is on display in the local Pudgies Pizzaria.  While I write this I see how surreal it is.  My mother had given me a white lion toy with human hair.  When I was hospitalized in Feb. of 2013 I saw lions in my visions.  There is a lion that represents Christ in the Chronicles of Narnia.  My world is like Narnia.  Hmmm.
The Jewish professor and I broke up because he gave too much advice.  I would tell him about a situation in my life and he would say , "This is what you should do." He was nervous about a brief meeting with my father(Is there something about my father?).  This all happened in April of 2012.  I made him cushions for his sailboat seats which he paid me for. I don't believe S. was on the organized crime payroll.  I like S, even though he had a  part of a murder of a lion.  I met him on a dating website.  Our personal styles were a poor fit.

The next guy was from my Yoga class. (Yoga is connected to Kundalini events.)  His marriage was bad and he became interested in me.  He was of German descent.  I was somewhat interested in him but he turned me off by taking away my power of choice of whether we were going to get involved.  First it was "can I move in?" (after one week  of knowing him) I did not give an answer.  Then it was "when do I move in?"  then it was "where do I put my rock collection?"  He told me "ALL THE MEN YOU HAVE HAD".  I did not think that I had had that many men.  He knew of my alter personality and the prostitution.  That was why he wanted to bring his rock collection.  Rocks have significance in the bible with "the woman caught in adultery."  When he kissed me his tongue made my face wet.  One night he called me his beauty in a text.  I replied, "I am not your beauty."  In retrospect this three week encounter was really creepy and I am so glad that I did not consummate the friendship.  I had a couple weeks of accelerated mood when I first met him.  E. told me I was Kali.  (the Hindu goddess of destruction) E. was way to hurried to get involved.  Things E. said and did seemed contrived.  He was on a mission from the evil organization.  He was on the payroll.

Here is an example of odd behavior.  We were out on a drive and we stopped at an antique shop.  I wanted to buy some miniature figurines of British Royalty.  He offered to by them.  He "laid his money down"  one twenty at a time...slowly.  This action gave me a weird feeling, as it seemed like he was saying something without words, like "whore".  I did not know at the time that I had an "alter" personality that caused me to be exploited by people.  This evil organization is what exploits me, or so I believe.  I would hope that it is in past tense.

The third dude from 2012 will be another blog entry he was most certainly on the payroll.

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