Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, June 8, 2015

What Happened in April of 2013

In April of 2013 I went on a road trip.  First I attempted to enter Canada and was denied due to insufficient plans.  I traveled along the northern edge of New York state and was struck by the lack of diversity.  I took photos on my iphone.  I then decided to go to Salem, Mass.  I secured a room at the Nathaniel Hawthorne Hotel.  My car had self inflicted graffiti and dents in it.  I toured the witchy town and stayed for about 4 or five days.

I came home, and in my mind I imagined that I bought home spirits to help me with my issues.  I brought home Sara Good and Rebecca Nurse and Brigit among others.

I had mailed my key to my girlfriend from Salem, I don't recall why, but it was in my back yard in plane site on my bicycle seat. Over the next few days I seemed to escalate.  I recalled that as a young woman I had resurrected a dead duckling.  It was cold and stiff and I brought it in the house and it came back to life.  I thought about how I had had a bicycle accident with an elbow injury at about the same time.  The elbow had a stone in it...tiny about the size of a beebee.  I imagined that the stone was a tracking device, as my  parents had insisted that the elbow scar be revised as it was a keloid.  My parents would never take the interest in my elbow vanity so I figured that this was some sort of adjustment to the tracker.  This was in the mid nineteen seventies.  My girlfriend with whom I went biking the day of the accident was a German immigrant.  This fueled my fears about Neo Nazi involvement in my life.  I tried to cut out the little device which was unsuccessful.  I put up a video of a bloody elbow and the police came to my door at 4 am.  I assured them I was not going to hurt myself.

I made a drawing in pastels of myself and a movie star.  I had received a mental message that I had been purchased as a slave on an underground market.  I left the drawing a the home of the German family.  The called the police as I had written the word "Nazi" and I was arrested.  I was put in the mental hospital overnight after being booked.

It is interesting to note that in 2004 I took off to Italy and was gone for weeks, no report of missing persons was ever made.  Perhaps it was unnecessary due to the device.  I have had some female surgeries over the years so if the elbow was obsolete there might have been some other tracker implanted.  That is imaginary of course.  I believed that I was maybe an Illuminati "player piece".

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