Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Running Class and the Missing Corpse

Summer of 2012 I took a running /walking class.  This story came to me during a Kundalini event.  I had developed a love/hate relationship with one of my art instructors.  There was an odd tension, that I could not really describe.  He had a favorite student and she like to talk about him to me.  I was told in the Kundalini event that while I was running on the highway in the class I was hit.  The driver of the truck that hit me was the Art instructor.  I believe that with some, those in on secrets of society, I have a reputation for being killed and somehow looping out of it.

In this event I was struck down, killed and taken to the morgue.  I am a timeless creature and while working in the hospital in the past, I had been to the morgue.  In fact one time there was a corpse that was missing.  I believe that while I was in the morgue as dead in 2012, I was able to awake and walk out of the morgue in my body that walked out in 2009 while on duty as a nurse.  The missing corpse in the morgue was also in 2009.  Whose was the corpse that came up missing?  I do not know.  Was I able to become that missing corpse in order to return to my life in 2012?  Did I walk out of the morgue in 2009 and then manifest as the woman who was on run in class and did not get hit(in my bubble)?

How long did this loop take to happen?  Was it minutes from the time of hit to being back in running class?  Sometimes when these events happen I believe that angels create a different reality for me.  I might have the reality of the class running with me, while their reality is a gathering around a corpse in the road.  This is how when these events occur, that I am oblivious.  If I am present in multiple realities as if splitting(Mise en abyme), I must somehow be reconnected after the issue is resolved, thus the timeless morgue event.

If the creation of this drama is all hallucination, that is fine.  Hallucinations are supposed to have symbolic connections to ones reality.  They are a way of communicating to the conscious mind.  I do not know why this story came to me in 2013 while in a mental frenzy.

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