Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May-September 2013

April to May of 2013.  I wrote some emails and texts to my children.  I had no aggressive intent, but non-the-less they felt frightened and pursued legal means to keep me away.  I found it hard to believe, that a sick mother would be pushed away rather than to enter into a dialogue with.  I was upset with the Penn Yan judge during the "Trial" and told him that "the Karmic wheel goes round and round, you will get yours."  He thought that that translated to "I'll get you." It does not in my interpretation. (I was judged to be away from my own child for a whole year.) After that episode I was sent the the local psych hospital and from there I was sent to the State hospital as I was perceived as dangerous.  I am not dangerous.  I feel that the whole drama was trumped up.  I was in the state hospital for two months.  I was asked' "do you know why you are here?"  I said, "I am a political prisoner."  I had posted some 75 videos while manic about some unsolved murders of children, about local racism, etc,  and they must have been explosive enough for people to want to shut me up.  I was warned by a friend of high social standing that I would be punished.  "Be careful!"

I was concerned that I was a Mk ultra, project paperclip person and that my children were mind controlled.  I was also concerned about the Illuminati in my life.

Around the time of my son's trial, I started to perceive that I was a time looper.  I believed that I had been killed numerous times and looped out of time to come back as though nothing happened.  I made a list of all the times that I had been killed.  This list was found and misinterpreted as a hit list that I had created to get people.  This list was illegally taken from my home and used as evidence that I needed an AOT.  An AOT is government oversite of one's mental health care.  I am finally off AOT as of last month. (aot- you can't leave the state without permission, if you miss an appointment you are psych arrested)

 I am a non-violent creature.  If I were ever to have such feelings I would work them out through my art and my art is just art.  It is not a plan of action.  Through all my troubles with the law and people I was never given credit to be an artist expressing oneself.  I was always considered to be a mental patient first, and my art was evidence of my character.  This is a grave violation to my spirit.  I am not violent.  If my art were to hint at violence it is a benign expression, not a plan of action or proof of an evil character.

I have written some blog entries about what happened at the hospital, such as interactions with people who appeared to be possessed.  I interacted with several people closely, but two cut me off abruptly one even calling me the c word for not apparent reason.  (Perhaps he has seen the work of my alter personality)  I met several people who had the experience of hearing voices.

I was let out and by some standards it was too soon, as I still did not think of myself as a less-than mentally ill person. (Sept 2013)

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