Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Invisible Beams? Imaginary or Real

In 2013, when my mood was accelerated, I believed myself to be a target.  I did some driving around to old familiar sites.  I went to the site of my parents cottage and to the laneway where I first had sexual relations with the man that would be my husband.  While I drove about, I feared that some of the vehicles on the road with me were firing some sort of device at me.  I thought maybe it was radio waves of a high magnitude.  Who would have I thought were my enemies?  I was thinking the Illuminati or maybe the KKK.

I was locked away on June 19, 2013 after a judge in Yates county perceived me to be threatening him.  I said,"The Karmic wheel goes round and round, you will get yours!"  I wanted family counseling ordered, not to be kept away from my child for a year.  On June 21 there was a story in the news.  It is about a device that the KKK members had made.   From what I gather, the man who tinkered with this weapon wanted to equalize the playing field and sell the Jewish people one of his devices.  If he was doing so, I imagine that the members of the KKK already had such guns.

So, here you have it, some thoughts that would be considered a "delusion" by the medical authorities are grounded in an actual reality.

How does one fight in such a situation?  Well, for me it is easy.  My spirit does not only dwell on earth.  I also live in a realm where objects, such as poppets, represent real characters.  I explained weeks ago that one morning one of my alien poppets was weakened and I saw him wounded in my inner vision.  I was able to revive him of course.  What looks like a little dolly is really a being in the other dimension.  After my little alien poppet was wounded I made them guns and shields.  You see, while I sleep I hear cracking in my walls.  It could be just the shifting of the house with the varying temperatures  or maybe not.  It could be radiological beams.  It is a fanciful idea.  Why would anybody want to hurt me?  I have my theories.

I have my little alien poppet soldiers that keep watch every night.  Occasionally I might tire of the routine of putting them in the window.  My angel says, "No, Amy, you must put the guard up"

Each has a name.  Now what type of energy do they shoot at people who bother me (be they witches warlocks, or white knights?)  I cannot divulge.  These guys are not forewarned.  Notice, my characters are for defense.
This is all fanciful- if you chose to believe...welcome to the other side!

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