Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Harry Potter Identity Crisis

I have only read  the first Harry Potter book and I have seen most of the movies.  I actually had a Harry Potter identity crisis in October of 2013.  How can that be?  You are a fifty-some year old woman, how can you possibly identify with Harry Potter.  I noticed in 2009 when visiting my Boyfriend's brother, that we both had scars on our foreheads.  I said, "Gee, we both have Harry Potter scars."  Then one day in October 2013 I remembered that I got my Harry Potter scar while my father and family were stationed in Bitburg, Germany(I was 4 years old). I fell against the curb and my father stitched my brow. (he was an MD in the Airforce) I recalled being babysat at the German neighbors.  While I was there a green ball of lightening came into the room.  For all I know, it could have entered my body in the fresh wound on my forehead.  Bingo!  I am Harry Potter.

Here is the scar  above my brow.  My apologies for the homely picture.

The main theme of Harry Potter series is death.  I have this peculiar story in my life drama.  I have thought that people try to kill me and I time loop out of the attempt.  My first time was when I was one and a half and I drowned at the lake and my grandfather pulled me from the water.

 There are events in my adolescence and as a young mother.  I cannot prove any of them.  I have one to share that is interesting, when I was on the Bluff at Keuka Lake.  I was stopped by the police because I was trespassing.  I was saying a rosary on the switch back, a site where I thought that I was murdered, then shape shifted with a deer, to come back to life.  I was on the road after and this police man was talking to me and I reached for a cracker.  I looked up and the demeanor of the sheriff deputy had changed.  He started telling me about how he tries to go to church and how he was trying to lose weight.  I had the feeling that when I reached for the cracker, he shot me.  The sheriff was discombobulated. Nothing occurred in my perceptions, though, other than the conversation.

If something like this was happening to me, I am sure nobody would tell me.  Best to keep the strange creature as self aware as little as possible.  If I am a strange creature, what of the little boy with the glasses? (my son)  He banged his noggin on the counter top and has a Harry Potter scar as well. At this point in my linear life my son is like the final episode of Harry Potter, with a wife and a little one in the stroller.

My parents have for years been friends with the local factory owner in Clifton Springs.  I am sure that there is a branch of the factory in Ireland.  Small world.

I recall feeling so special when the women friends said good-bye to me in Germany( '66).  They  made me feel very special and gave my stickers of roses on a black background.  To this day I love flowers on a black background.  (as in fabric)

Now, who exactly is Voldemort in my world?

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