Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Easy Peasy

There was a second profile shot, as well.  

Maybe in my "alter" personality I am easy.  Is that what prompted the "faun*" I was living with to take this picture?  I did not get it at the time but I do now.  I am curious, since he called me "prostitute" when we broke up, was he a pimp during the wee hours of the morning?  I would have had to have been awoken with another name for the multiple personality gig to work.

 What about you?  Are you sure that you can trust the man you are with?

"Yes" is the word that makes rape sex.  (Urban dictionary)  Does a "Yes" count if a woman is an "alter" personality?  (Put there without consent)  I don't think a yes in a trance counts as a yes.  The victim of multiple personalities and hypnosis has is a conundrum.  How can one prove anything has been done to us if we are unaware, as in possessed?

This has all been a test.  A test for me to see if I can forgive these creatures.  It was a test for them too and they(the people involved in my life) failed miserably.  F is a failing grade.  Does one earn everlasting bliss in heaven if they fail tests?  I think F means F.  Now if I am forgiving then that counts toward my karma.  Does my forgiveness remove their F? I don't think so.  Maybe the forgiveness is just for me to show how nice I can be....Oh wait!  The sunflower!  Is forgiveness even possible?

Boyfriend who lived with me and probably prostituted me?  If you are reading this you are welcome to ask for forgiveness.  My phone number is on the profile.  Call me up and say you are sorry.  I dare you.

*I called my ex bf-'06-'10 a faun as he had strong thighs from walking, had had a horn removed from his head in the past and wow- get this- a tiny tail bud where his butt cheeks came together. He played the clarinet in his past... Really, he really, really is a faun.  I would bet any faun would prostitute the Queen of the Forest if he could.  ( I call myself the Forest Queen as a coping method.)

This man photoshopped his face onto the Sphinx for his myspace pic.  Did he consider himself a big player?  The sphinx guards a tomb.....and is merciless and treacherous. Was my body the tomb?

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