Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Confessions of a Tribal Woman

I have a confession to make.  I have changed gradually over the years.  I dated a man on an off for several years.  He was not the kind of guy that was into fidelity to one person.  One time he mistexted me and thought I was another woman, I was disturbed but in a strange way I found myself surprised at my reaction.  I found that I was not the jealous type anymore.  Jesus says that when the kingdom comes we will not be bound in marriage.  So I found it to be somewhat of a turn-on to share my(not really) man. I considered that maybe perhaps he and I were not human but were in actuality angels.  Silliness, of course.  He is not an angel.  I have known him for five years.  I doubt if man sharing is something I would choose, but that is the way the chips fell.

My thoughts that were such a turn on were as follows: "He is free!"  It was almost as though my selflessness was the turn on.  I was turning onto the evolution of my own personal beliefs. Thus, "I" "mine" was not the focus of my feelings.  My graduation from the need to possess him what was such an epiphany and thrill.

I do not have any negative energy towards his other women (woman).  I was concerned that my ex had been put in a trance.  I was fearful for him, but I did not consider myself jealous.  I warned him to be careful, only because of my own experience.  Last year I made a poppet of his main squeeze.  This was for me to visualize her as a real presence.  This spring I was guided to put the poppet under a bridge in the park for several weeks.  This little poppet of the woman in my ex boyfriend's life might have donated her hair to a mouse home as she had a bald spot.  I picked her up out of the ravine and brought her home.

Being in in the ravine is a magic place.  I know, under a bridge conjures troll.  I believe that a ravine is a place in which time travel can happen, it is a cutaway of the shale.  The sides of the ravine (shale) remain and in a different dimension  the worn away still exists.  I envisioned this in 2013 when my mind was in a Kundalini awakening. (so it was expanded).

 Many many  months ago my ex and I decided it was best that we ceased our liaison.  He might have violated the privacy of our encounters, as he is very much into creating video.  I am not the type of person to harbor hate.  I am curious about my universe.  Does he fail to respond to my emails due to some strange conspiracy?  Is the government or a clandestine organization trying to starve me of human contact?  I am imaginative.  I have plenty of friends in the spirit world....I cannot be starved.

Today an angel came to my closed eye vision.  She has prompted  me to write this blog entry.  "The other woman" of my exbf is a spiritual medium.  I have been told she does not like me at all-by the angel.  I am a self made medium, I must offend her.   If this blog entry were a symbol, would be an olive branch.  I am about love and peace.

The poppet that I created of her is flattering.  I put tenderness into it's creation.  If she intends negative energy to me, I only return loving kindness.  Notice the crystal necklace I created for her.  I found her image on the web.

I guess there is something of an ancient tribal woman in me....ya know, like in the bible.  I would actually like to meet her.  I have no interest in returning to the old pattern though.  I rather like the freedom of no boyfriend. None of my poppets have thumbs or fingers.

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