Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Few Years Ago

Over the years I have been a mother and worked as a nurse.  Occasionally I would have an episode of psychosis.  My mood would be elevated and my voice pressured.  I would think unusual thoughts.  In 2004 for instance, I believed that I was Pope John XXIII's illegitimate child.  I thought that I was smuggled out of Italy by the US Government and given to my parents to raise.  I would go many months not believing such.  I did not know of any "alters" or multiple personalities.

In December of 2012, on the 6th, I went to my son's house for dinner.  I was already "speeded up".  I ate a plate of food and afterward I become somewhat irrational.  I recall the children playing with glow tubesand they made me think of me of halos.  My grandson reminded me of Luke Skywalker--he had a red light laser sword. I touched my daughters head, but without any violent intent.  (this was later described as boxing her ears). I must have had anger with my father as I keyed his car that night before I drove home, fast and erratic.  A few days later I started talking in a strange language and was taken into the mental hospital.  I believed that I had to walk counter clockwise in a major intersection of Canandaigua in order to remove the racist curse that is on the city. The strange language lasted two or three days.

A few days later it was December 12, 2012.  There was something going on in the media about the Mayan Calendar.  I spoke with my son in law on the phone.  I said, Happy New World Day, (or something similar)  He replied "we don't believe in that stuff"  and he hung up on me.  My daughter in law picked me up to go home and I was now on medication.  I had stopped the medication the previous April, except for lithium.

I spent Christmas with family.  It went well, I remember playing music with the family.  I played the spoons.  I had given maracas to my grandson as a Christmas gift.

In February another episode occurred.  This time I perceived that I was being radiated.  I began to listen to a voice telling me what I had to do to combat it. Much of what was told to me was true, eat almonds and such.  The voice was that of my ex boyfriend.  Because it was a familiar voice I was receptive.  On February 6, 2013 I thought that I died and woke up in purgatory. This was after, while lying in bed, I had the feeling that I was an arms and legs the electrons, spinning all around.   My license plate has the letters EXP 2613 (perhaps jumbled).  I thought it was some sort of coincidence.  It is also Eva Braun's birthday.  I had spent time researching Eva Braun and her light -hearted personality.  I was not impressed with the lack of feminism in the Nazi philosophy.  But it stands to reason.

I had cut my own hair very short (to alter my vibration) and I lost 15 lbs while in the hospital, because I would only eat sugar/salt water.  That was under the direction of a spirit guide.  I did not know who it was.  I knew that it was not my former boyfriend.  The February episode is when I stated seeing the phosphenic visions.  These were of animals (lion) and angels. When I was apprehended it was by four cop  cars in the evening when I was out for a walk.  I was wearing a fur coat, yet there reasoning was that I was not safely dressed.  I think I had on pajama pants.  Perhaps family was behind the arrest.  I started praying a Hail Mary when apprehended but the report said that I was speaking unintelligibly.

I don't hear voices, my interactions with the spirit world is more of a shared consciousness.

 When I got home researched about Mk ultra, project paperclip, etc.  This fueled my fantastic ideas about who and what I am.  I was most concerned that I was an Illuminati victim and that my children and their families were too.  There is no way that one can break the wall of silence of the people involved in that sort of drama.  They continue to deny the truth.

I recall my sister talking to me in the 1980's she said specifically,  "there are no victims, everyone is a willing participant."  This was while talking about a certain unnamed cult.  She said "death is the punishment for breaking the code of silence".  So, I can believe what I need to as it cannot be confirmed either way.  I have no intention of accusing anybody as it is pointless.

This story will be continued...into April of 2013

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