Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Time After Judgment Day Dual Topic Blog Entry

If Judgment day was July 16, 1945 then what and where are we?
It is my postulation that we as creatures are not human like we think we are.  We are a the spirits in their post judgment form.We look like human beings but our vibration is actually of a different creature.  The Saints are not walking among us, they are in another realm.  That is the realm that I see in my closed eye vision.  It is the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is coming but prior to its arrival the spirits who received a harsh judgment on judgement day are running around in a last ditch effort to cause trouble.

Is it trouble?  All things when framed in a different perspective can be appreciated in a different way.

A women is prostituted and pornographed for decades and does not know it.  She is the dupe in a second personality.  Or is she?  Perhaps she was protected from the truth so that she could absorb sufficient qi.  I have a personal theory, (and I don't watch porn because of this) that when a sex act is observed there is an exchange of qi.. The person being observed might have a magical quality that makes her evade death,.(thus she is timeless)   Qi is a life force energy.  As the observed, the porn star absorbs qi from the observer.  Because there is no linear time for the magical porn star, she just sucks it up continually, from every different observer with every photographic shot or film.  She becomes strong and she is burned into the collective consciousness of humanity with every photograph or video.

The observer essentially turns into a pillar of salt while the actress glows brighter and brighter.

She is humiliated and laughed at and all the while the life force is coming to her making her what she needs to be. While in one frame she is a victim, in another she is quite the opposite.  Perhaps she knew in her magical lizard brain that she had to increase in qi.  She closed her eyes when she saw the signs that people were exploiting her because she knew what had to happen.

Oh, "O" we were discussing what are the beings that walk the earth if this is post Judgment day?  I have said this before and will say it again as some are new to my blog.  There are a few Angels hanging around.  There are fairy tale creatures and there are animals who appear as humans.  Any Judgment of a spirit is expost facto.  If somebody behaves like an animal and murders or rapes, it is not necessary to say, "you are damned."  Why?  You are acting in the way your spirit directs you.  You might be a troll or a little mouse.  You are innocent.  Damned might mean that the highest life form your spirit could achieve was a slug or praying mantis.

Lets not be speciesist.  All creatures great and small the Lord God made them all.

 So to anybody who considers themselves of the darkness and they want to capture spirits for the dark Lord, its too late.  We  are here, its already over.

 Here I am Pretty in Pink.  A selfie.  My hairdo is a bit retro.

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