Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ramblings of a Former Sex Slave

The computer was not bad at all.  I am not that savvy with high tech.

This mornings phosphenic vision as I awoke was of a man swirling one of those long ribbons and he swirled it around his body.  He was wearing a top hat.

My daughter was over and she was  very helpful doing the dishes.  She propped the cutting board upright to dry cross ways on the counter.  It reminded me of what I am up against, having been a sex slave for organized crime.  None will ever confess.  The lie and the secrecy is their game.  Did I expect when I told people," hey this is what has been done to me, now talk the truth", that I would actually get truth? "Yes, Amy, you don't have "bipolar" that is a joke....two poles the prim, proper and devout and the opposite, the whore."  "Gee, Amy, wow, you figured it out so we will give you a cut.  Why not, Honey, you have been doing all the work these deserve some."  None of these lines have come my way.

Last year when I had trouble with the law for gifting a pair of shoes to my daughter (violating an order of protection)  I had a public defender. I had strong suspicions of being a slave to my odd family and he ignored me. (I showed him photographs which could have been subtle bragging.) The answer for them (local govt- is to shut me up via medication with a court order) .

The  corruption is right up there at the top.  Do I wonder why Isil calls USA the great Satan that must be destroyed?  I think they might know more  about the half the Americans than half the Americans know about themselves.  (The other half are the secrets and lies keepers.)

In the past few years....
 I wrote the president of the community college asking to share my experience as a white slave in modern times with the students.  No response. I left a taped complaint to my congressman in his office.  I have been to the police.  As soon as they hear the bipolar issue- I have no credibility and will be carted off to a mental hospital.  Message?  Mental people can be royally screwed.
I also wrote Interpol.  I wrote the United Nations.  I know I wrote the President.  I think I wrote a few blogs in the past that the victim of Satanic organized crime has nowhere to go for help but heaven.  Heaven?  I imagine some have tried to send me there.  I can petition God and I do.  Our media will not expose this reality of the great America.

Luckily money is not what I love about life, contrary to my sister.  My other sister has disowned me.  I think it is a show.  There is plenty of money, she wants to make it look like she is cutting me off for a lousy 13 grand in inheritance.    The older sister said, "Everybody loves money."    I told her about the Franciscans.

My Angel makes it interesting.  He said, "Amy, your former boyfriend G. is serving your ex husband, as in like a servant or slave."  I want to believe all that my Angel tells me but that seems very strange.  I would not put something like that past this drama.  People can be made to do all kinds of crazy things when under hypnosis or in an alter personality.

What is fun about this drama, is that I imagine that I am a Heavenly creature come here to Earth as half of the divine couple.  I will join my divine partner and the world will change for the better.

Disclaimer:  This is all fantasy.  I say that because there are those who want to control my self -expression. I had a dream in the night and all this came to me.  I was just dreaming.

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