Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

a Fantastic Tale of What-if

What if there was such a person as an unearthly creature.  She was born into this modern world to receive a certain type of treatment.  First she was given a little bit of radioactivity every day.  Such a minute amount that it caused no sickness.  Next she was exposed to a horrific event, on purpose to cause her young mind to be able to split, at about 7 years old.  Next, she was exposed to pornography at age 8--thus helping her to forget the traumatic event (perusing Playboy).

Her parents were not Christian.  They belonged to a modern trend whose goal is to tear down authentic Christianity.  This movement does not appreciate being named.  They like secrecy and they stand for lies.

The little girl came of age and was marketed to men in her alternate personality.  She experienced 40 years of her life in this "secret-lie format".  One personality pure and clueless and the other the wild nymphomaniac.

Perhaps the personalities were actually spirits that came down from heaven to help the creature on her path.  The creature was required to undergo a trial similar to the trial of Jesus.  She was to experience 40 years of psychological scourging.

In this fantastic tale.....we find out that the creature has had multiple attempts on her life.  When somebody shoots her or she dies and lays in the bathtub in chunks, something happens to reality.  Reality folds or loops ...what ever you may call it.  She continues with her existence, clueless and the event happened not.  Is it the radioactivity?  In addition to her doses  was there a certain amount of radiation in the sky in the sixties to have combined this Angelic earthling with heaven?

What of her children, are they immortal too?  I would imagine so.  I would imagine that this immortality is a gift that gets transferred when there is the emotion of love and some physical closeness.  But, perhaps if she was exploited by her children, they would lose the gift.

If, while in an alternative personality as a prostitute a man "put it to her", and she felt no emotion for him, then he would not get the gift.  The immortality gift has to do with qi or chi.  In order to flow, from the soul, there must be love.

If this type of creature spends their time doing evil behavior, the qi would most likely start going into a deficit mode...and the being would have no immortality.  If the being was coerced or exploited into unangelic behavior there would be a Karmic flow of good energy towards the poor thing.

So, perhaps, while the child is was child of the laboratory, what really happened was preordained by God.  They were carrying out Gods formula to create angelic type creatures here on earth.

This is a great brainstorm activity for a movie or novel.  I am sharing it with my readers as a gift.  There is nothing about this that is real.  No mother has been manipulated to be a prostitute or sex slave.  Those ideas are just fantasy.  I thank my Angel helper that resides with my spirit for all the good fiction ideas.  You are much more than a muse to me.


This creature turns out to be able to hunt and send on their way, DEMONS!   Wow, this is great! All for thee or Sacred Heart of Jesus!

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