Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, April 5, 2015

What do You See When You Turn out the Lights?

I believe that I am unusual in that I am able to perceive a different realm.  I have a visualization of an eye that is usually there and when not can be called on to reappear.  The eye blinks and moves like a regular person's eye. The center of the eye morphs into a tunnel. On my side of the tunnel are spirits.  If I look through the tunnel I can see people.  Those people are the people of our everyday world.  This started on Feb 6 of 2013.  I awoke from a dream and during the dream I felt as though my body was going through the motions of an atom.(legs and arms whipping around all directions.
  I was told that I had died, by a priest in my dream and that I had a new life.
This is a selfie that I took the morning that I woke up from the vision/dream.

The scientific medical community said that I was psychotic.  That is a term they use when something does not make sense to them.  Sometimes when people go through things they disassociate...just fall apart.

A few days ago I saw trilobite on my side of the portal in my eye.  I held it in my hand first. In my phosphenic visualization it crawled through the tunnel.  This makes me curious as to what the tunnel means in relation to time.  I have been taught that linear time is not real.  There is a dimension where the little trilobites live(in non linear time).  Today I was on a walk and I did what I like to do....that is touch a tree's rings (one that has been cut down)..  I was walking along and thought ..ew..that is death.  Next I touched a young sapling.  When I got home I was reclining and thinking and I closed my eyes and saw a large mature tree standing.  Was I able to resurrect that old dead tree into a living mature tree in my realm?  The Tree Of Life, perhaps?

To me this is not psychosis as in makes is visual and tactile.  I am glad that I am alive and have such a lovely mysterious world to explore.  Thank-you God, for my life.

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