Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Witches Around Us

I have a psychotic theory that modern day witches are common and organized in the community.  I have to say psychotic theory as they like to be secret.  Anybody who is not in a coven and proclaims that they exist is "psychotic."  It is their right and privilege to exist in secret, so they feel justified in calling anybody who has figured them out as "psychotic".  Their right is greater than the right of the person who has figured them out to be considered sane.

My mother loved to proclaim that people thought she laughed like a witch.  She made a voodoo doll in the early seventies of our neighbor. ( thanks, Mom, for a instruction on poppet making.  I try not to be mean to my poppets, though!)  My mother loved crows- even had a stuffed one in the kitchen.  I don't know if she belonged to a coven, but she helped me to have an open mind to the forces around me.

Some witches express themselves through dress.  If person has some item of clothing that is black on at all times, that can be a clue.  They might be right in your own family and you don't know it.  Over the years I have become a little paranoid, if I constantly am gifted scarves (to go around my neck) or little boxes, (similar in shape to a coffin).  One time years ago, in 1981 in fact, I found a glass swan in my car under my seat. (swansong)The swan is a symbol of death.  A family witch might be up to no good if you notice objects of yours are disappearing.  They might need something of you to focus on when they are conjuring ill will.  I had a whole box of stuff taken from my home in the early eighties.  BTW Their are male witches as well as female.  If a witch were to be asked if she did such and such (something nefarious) her answer would be, "Of course not, but I think that you need to take more medication."  Dulling down the senses of their victims is part of the game.

There are plenty of good witches, I imagine.  I think people might have thought me some sort of hybrid witch which there might be some truth to.  I just think it is unfair to call a person who is touching on truth to be called "crazy, psychotic, delusional, etc."  This is especially insulting if it is a person in the medical community making such an accusation in order to cover up their covert activities and those of others.

When I was ill in 2013-14, when my angels started assisting me I perceived my home to have many curses on things.  I would go up to an  object and put my hands on it.  If I saw black thatch with my eyes closed I would listen and hear the curse come to my mind.  I did not know then, but I do now, that the answer is to pray and say a blessing over the object.(the color within my eyes closed turns to purple.)  The action of blessing wipes away their curse.  Now, if something happens like that...and the curse is particularly evil, I owe it to the person who make such effort at me, to send a curse back.  It is as a Karmic equalizer.  I would never wish anything that God did not intend me to, as I check with my angel.  My angel is an angel of the Lord.

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