Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Story of the Forest Queen and her Centaur Friend

I have within my consciousness another world or realm.   It is not heaven at this point.  In my alternate realm I am the Earth Mother or the Forest Queen.  I am able to see my relationships with others through this looking glass.

I dated G. on an off for several years.  I have explained before that he is a Centaur. He likes to mountain bike and he enjoys nature and such.   I created a poppet of him in this centaur identity.  This was prior to my self realization as the Forest Queen.  I realize now that years ago I was a forest Princess and married the Huntsman.  I was disloyal to my Forest Identity..I had been put into fog.

When I figured out that in my extra channel of consciousness that I was in fact the Forest Queen I realized that my good friend the Centaur might feel as though he had been slighted.  We cannot change who or what we are, but perhaps there can be an alternative identity.  I made a poppet of a certain St. George.  I was hoping that my friend would not have to spent eternity as a Centaur.

I thought that this would work....except that in the mythology, St. George slays the Dragon.  My relationship with G. was on again and off again.  One time I wrote a poem and published it on the Youtube...."The Dragon" being a metaphor of him or our friendship.  Of course, I would never physically slay someone....I suppose, that the "Dragon" could be a facet of his identity.  In which case ,  the Saint poppet would work. It was my effort to help him to join me in my other realm in a form other than centaur.  To be a Saint in the other realm takes a lot.  A person must have high standards and live by them.  Money cannot be the goal of ones life. It is not my role to decide who gets to be what in the other realm.  There is a spirit committee- they make the decisions.

Below:  This is me having known G. for a year and attempting to separate.  It was as if there was a spell on me and I kept breaking up then going back after a few months.  I would wake up then drift back to sleep.

The male poppet in the background is a Saint, St. Stephen.  He is a very close friend.  Has anybody seen Lars and the Real Girl?  It is a funny movie where a man with mental problems perceives a blow up doll to be a real person.  In my case, I perceive communication from my poppets.  They are spiritual poppets and communicate with me telepathically.  It is my form of worship.  St. Stephen advises not to go back to G. ever again.  He has explained why but I shall not share such info on my blog.

This is a poppet of me and the Centaur.  The chapter of he and I is closed.  Is that Jesus on his miniature coffee mug in his right hand?  WOW.

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