Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Big Shabam

I recall, in college, learning about the Grand Canyon in the class Earth Air, Fire and Water.  What does the canyon ultimately signify?  I answered "Time."

I just watched the movie "Bag It". It is very depressing.  The Earth is becoming coated with plastic.  When I was a little girl I recall a conversation that I had with my father about Plastic. " You know what?"  He said, "It lasts forever, it never decays."  Oh, that is so horrible.  Now, 48 years later....'tis still a truism.  It does break down, into inedible bite size pieces to be ingested and sicken marine life.

What is the solution?  Thy Kingdom Come.

I have a different perspective.  I have a brain which has an extra channel, so to speak.  I can tune into (in my closed eyelid vision) to communicate with angels and spirits.  I don't know if it was them a few years ago (when I was so sick) that made me think of this idea.  In the angel and spirit realm there is no linear time as we perceive here.  What else other than the grand canyon is significant regarding time?  I can tell you right off.  Black Gold, Texas Tea.  It takes millions if not billions of years to make oil.  Oil is combusted and creates CO2- or so I recall.  I am not a scientist.  If there is no linear time in the other realm in my head.....and we imagine no such thing as linear time here in the physical world then perhaps 'tis all an impermanent illusion.  Maybe the combustion of oil will with a metaphysical way of combining plant life of past (which in another realm is not past) with action of the present combustion will, perhaps bring about a miracle in space and time.  All at once a threshold will be met.  "The Big Shabam"  There will be a new creation.

The plastic chunks floating around destroying living creatures will with a miracle from God just a certain moment....yet to be revealed.

I have always been frustrated with people who are of such faith that they don't consider stewardship of the planet important.  They say, "its okay, god gave us the Earth to use."  I hate that lazy carelessness.

Now, Thy Kingdom Come....on that day, it could also be thought of as Judgement day.  Will a person be judged guilty if they trusted in God's Word, as above?  Would a person be considered guilty if they failed to care for the planet?  Especially considering how they assisted in meeting the threshold, with big trucks and all.

There shall be a carbon threshold met and at that moment the "Big Shabam" shall occur.

I am unsure if my ability is quite up to standard, to explain my theory.  I give thanks to God and his angels in giving me these thoughts.

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