Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Good Idea for a Psychological Thriller

I recently researched the Hitler Youth and I can understand how the genocide happened.  People's families were infiltrated and such an atmosphere of mistrust and fear would promote people to follow the crowd at whatever cost.  Children were trained in youth groups from 4-6 on up.  Thinking about Nazi Germany led me to think of hypnosis and community.

I was mopping my floor and I was thinking.  I have an active imagination and I dreamed up a scenario...It is the dupes and the dupers. (In my imagination) In each and every family is one person who is "in" on the secret of the community club.  The community club is secret, but those in on the secret have so much fun(Sarcasm).  I was thinking about the Nazi's and how the worked very hard to understand the human mind.  I was also thinking about hypnosis.  My parents loved hypnosis.  My mother hypnotized herself and actually was hypnotized for my birth.  My father could hypnotize people.
   Oh---back to the community club.  In each couple in the community is a dupe and the duper.  The dupe character, be it male or female has no idea about the secret club.  The dupe is Mr. Trusting.  So trusting that he can be covertly hypnotized without even knowing it.  An interesting thing about sex abuse, is that it is about power, not sex.  So Mr. or Mrs. Dupe can be coaxed through hypnosis and dressed up silly or naked to do ridiculous things.  There is the Power rush for those inclined to such trickery.  Now if dupe is trained to think he is a little puppy dog, where is the fun( for the abuser) in that if it is just in his own home?  Here is where the block box theater comes into play.  Maybe the dupe is giving a mild sedative and transported to a fashionable secret gathering.  Now, when Mr. or Mrs. dupe is out in the community and people smile friendly like....he or she thinks.."Nice friendly people."  But the big joke is a secret joke on him.  Nobody is smiling friendly like at all....they are getting their rocks off on how the dupe has been dupe.  Mr. Dupe thinks he has a lovely wife and perfectly friendly community....NOT AT ALL.

Well, of course, in this day and age it could be taped and marketed.

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