Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, April 10, 2015

A Conversation with El Diablo

One might ask, "How does a woman who rattles off prayers and rosaries get to talk with the most infamous of angels, "the Devil."  I call him Diablo.  I am able to interact with angels and he is a one of primary importance.  In my psychology I have always figured the Devil to be as in the Book of Job.  That is for those who don't read the good book, he is on God's side and puts people to the test.

He wants me to do a blog entry that clarifies a few things.  Seems that there are human spirits spreading false ideas.
The Devil says to  me--
"I never take anyone for eternal damnation who is manipulated a tender age or terrified into being my follower."
"I never take seriously a commitment to me done under hypnosis."
"I never take seriously the commitment  to me done under the pressure of a fire arm(or death), to self or loved ones.'
"I never take seriously the commitment to me done by someone under the influence of mushrooms or other psychedelic drugs or alcohol."
"I never take seriously the commitment to me done by one who is trying to prove himself or herself tough."

That is all he has to say for now.

I must say this was inspired by the play"Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw."  The the communication is authentic, I can see his spirit in my closed eye vision.

All may rest assured, my having interacted with him has not inspired me to be violent in any way what so ever.

This is spoken on the anniversary of having my first Holy Communion.  April 10, 1993.

I returned from Rochester via Victor, NY.  I passed the Holy ground of Jikonsahseh the Native American Matriarchal spirit.  She is a friend.  She wanted me to include in my blog that the Native American's have a different mythology--that is of the trickster spirit instead of El Diablo.

I was inspired to write this while eating pizza a Luccas. (Luccas means light like the word Lucifer.)
Christianity and pop culture like to paint a picture that there is God and his opposite- essentially two gods.  This is wrong.  There is one God, his angels, Saints,  spirits and creatures below.

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