Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pins in Poppets

Poppet update.  I have voiced on my blog entry that I never stick pins in my poppets.  I have to admit that I have done such a thing the past few weeks.  Don't worry, though it is a special gift to the person.  It is true that I have placed 5 pins in some poppets..The Five Wounds of Christ.  I myself have endured mental suffering in my life, that is my cross or my wounds.  I know that some people might not appreciate a poppet of them with pins of the five wounds of Christ.  Traditionally, people who resort to white or black magic do so as they feel powerless.  That might have been the way it started with me, but I no longer feel powerless with my angelic guides.

They advised me that I must be honest about my poppet work with the public.  I am not one to aspire to secrecy, never have been.  So, if perchance you are worried about me and my poppets, relax, it is just God centered actions.

I knew a girl in high school, (Sandy) many made fun of her as she was homely.    She carried the five wounds of Christ in her daily interactions with bullies.  My life was made richer by having known her.  I imagine her bullies are now in power as white ole men, encouraging a culture of abuse, perhaps?

The pins are a prayer exercise to help the individual realize the role of Jesus in the formation of their spirit.  I know that there are many different faiths and that all have some merit.  I focus on Christianity, it is my channel.  I mean no offense to others of a different faith...I am sure if I looked through their eyes I would be able to find some sort of comparison.  No insult intended.

Many thanks to God, angels and spirits who keep me company and guide me in my writings.

Sandy- My friend since first grade.  I had made her poppet months ago. She is a sweety.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Who Do You Serve?

If one is a target of the occult, (I am not saying that I am)  there is only one place to go that one can get help.  If you tell anybody of the physical world they will pronounce you insane.  There is a death threat that is part of the commitment to Beealzabub. " Talk you die. "  There is a tradition amongst these people that victims are selected as part of their worship.  The victim can only get help from God.  The rest of the world is scared of the Satanist.  If a policeman thinks that his child will be killed or molested if he makes out a report, he won't consider the complaint valid.  So, if you suspect that you might be a target every single person you talk to about it will deny your suspicions.  (There are those who don't believe that it exists and those who keep their mouths shut as they want to live.)

Besides, the Satanist has a right to practice their faith, this is America.  They feel that they have a right to secrecy.  The occultist believes that the victims are part of the families that are in their group, so they have a right to victimize them. (Don't think that just because I wrote this that it might pertain to such thing.)

People were talking about the Satanic activities in the eighties.  The satanic mental health professionals worked very hard to create a theory that all the worries and reports of Satanic activities were in fact fakes.  They successfully made people afraid to report for fear that they would be called crazy.  If someone says "I think that there are signs I could have Satanism in the people around me."  Answer from Satanic practitioner:  "Lets increase your medication, you sound delusional. When you cease to be aware of their presence then it is the right medication dose."

People all over are followers, in general.  If there is a trend in a certain direction they will head that way like sheep.  I postulate that Satanic activities are thriving in our culture at this very moment.

When Pope Leo XIII had his vision, he heard Jesus tell El Diablo, "Go ahead- and do so"  That is why Pope Leo wrote "The prayer to Saint Michael."

 From Unveiling the Apocalypse:

On October 13, 1884, after Pope Leo XIII had finished celebrating Mass in the Vatican Chapel, attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar. He stood there for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. Then, going immediately from the Chapel to his office, he composed the prayer to St. Michael, with instructions it be said after all Low Masses everywhere. When asked what had happened, he explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he suddenly heard voices - two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. As he listened, he heard the following conversation: 

The guttural voice, the voice of Satan in his pride, boasting to Our Lord: "I can destroy your Church" 

The gentle voice of Our Lord: "You can? Then go ahead and do so." 

Satan: "To do so, I need more time and more power." 

Our Lord: "How much time? How much power? 

Satan: "75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service." 

Our Lord: "You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will." 

The St. Michael Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle;
be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray:
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

END of quote..back to Amy's thoughts:
I personally do not regard the Devil as my enemy.  As I have said before, I think of him like he is portrayed, in the Book of Job, one of the angels that puts people to the test, (working for God).  I don't perceive Hell to be a place where bad people are rewarded.  When I was in a sick visit to a mental hospital in the 1990's a man who was a lawyer and a satanic patient told me that there was a hierarchy of abuse in hell and the badder one was the higher they rose.  I think that is silliness and mostly likely a trick.  Deal with a liar, what does one expect?.  Lies.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Idea for Movie, Counting Ones Blessings

I have a great idea for a movie......little girl lives in Germany in the 1960's...(father in the military)  then she is made an Mk Ultra--Neo Nazi  experiment in upstate NY.....given LSD and yhypnosis periodically by those close to her.....eventually she starts to communicate with angels and spirits (as a fifty-some year old)  At first she resents being a victim and represses the idea....When she comes to terms with it she is very happy that she is part of the spirit world and a different dimension as well.  So what seemed like a curse is in actuality a Divine Blessing.  The fact that her channel to the other world was created by rye mold, in no way diminishes the reality of Divine communication.

This is a amalgamation of my delusions about my life.  These are actual thoughts I have had in the past as a very, extremely, crazy woman...., I must preface these ideas as insane.  Are they the truth?  How could that possibly be? Do clandestine organizations exist?  How would I know?  I only know what I hear from my spirits and that I cannot share.  I can say the Divine communication is true.  I think that this story could actually be a good TV series.

My Arch angel advised to put in the Biblical reading about "hammered Gold"  I researched it in my Jerusalem Bible and that same passage talks of mirror imagery.  I  have been interested in mise abyme--I was told to use the Jerusalem version,

"And all of us, with our unveiled faces like mirrors reflecting the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the image that we reflect in brighter and brighter glory: this is the working of the Lord who is the spirit."   2 Corinthians 3:18

I prefer "mirror" to "hammered gold".  Gold might conjure some form of greed.

 "And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for the good".--Romans 8:28

Thanks God and your angels for making me into a person who is able to use perspective to my advantage.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Big Shabam

I recall, in college, learning about the Grand Canyon in the class Earth Air, Fire and Water.  What does the canyon ultimately signify?  I answered "Time."

I just watched the movie "Bag It". It is very depressing.  The Earth is becoming coated with plastic.  When I was a little girl I recall a conversation that I had with my father about Plastic. " You know what?"  He said, "It lasts forever, it never decays."  Oh, that is so horrible.  Now, 48 years later....'tis still a truism.  It does break down, into inedible bite size pieces to be ingested and sicken marine life.

What is the solution?  Thy Kingdom Come.

I have a different perspective.  I have a brain which has an extra channel, so to speak.  I can tune into (in my closed eyelid vision) to communicate with angels and spirits.  I don't know if it was them a few years ago (when I was so sick) that made me think of this idea.  In the angel and spirit realm there is no linear time as we perceive here.  What else other than the grand canyon is significant regarding time?  I can tell you right off.  Black Gold, Texas Tea.  It takes millions if not billions of years to make oil.  Oil is combusted and creates CO2- or so I recall.  I am not a scientist.  If there is no linear time in the other realm in my head.....and we imagine no such thing as linear time here in the physical world then perhaps 'tis all an impermanent illusion.  Maybe the combustion of oil will with a metaphysical way of combining plant life of past (which in another realm is not past) with action of the present combustion will, perhaps bring about a miracle in space and time.  All at once a threshold will be met.  "The Big Shabam"  There will be a new creation.

The plastic chunks floating around destroying living creatures will with a miracle from God just a certain moment....yet to be revealed.

I have always been frustrated with people who are of such faith that they don't consider stewardship of the planet important.  They say, "its okay, god gave us the Earth to use."  I hate that lazy carelessness.

Now, Thy Kingdom Come....on that day, it could also be thought of as Judgement day.  Will a person be judged guilty if they trusted in God's Word, as above?  Would a person be considered guilty if they failed to care for the planet?  Especially considering how they assisted in meeting the threshold, with big trucks and all.

There shall be a carbon threshold met and at that moment the "Big Shabam" shall occur.

I am unsure if my ability is quite up to standard, to explain my theory.  I give thanks to God and his angels in giving me these thoughts.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Witches Around Us

I have a psychotic theory that modern day witches are common and organized in the community.  I have to say psychotic theory as they like to be secret.  Anybody who is not in a coven and proclaims that they exist is "psychotic."  It is their right and privilege to exist in secret, so they feel justified in calling anybody who has figured them out as "psychotic".  Their right is greater than the right of the person who has figured them out to be considered sane.

My mother loved to proclaim that people thought she laughed like a witch.  She made a voodoo doll in the early seventies of our neighbor. ( thanks, Mom, for a instruction on poppet making.  I try not to be mean to my poppets, though!)  My mother loved crows- even had a stuffed one in the kitchen.  I don't know if she belonged to a coven, but she helped me to have an open mind to the forces around me.

Some witches express themselves through dress.  If person has some item of clothing that is black on at all times, that can be a clue.  They might be right in your own family and you don't know it.  Over the years I have become a little paranoid, if I constantly am gifted scarves (to go around my neck) or little boxes, (similar in shape to a coffin).  One time years ago, in 1981 in fact, I found a glass swan in my car under my seat. (swansong)The swan is a symbol of death.  A family witch might be up to no good if you notice objects of yours are disappearing.  They might need something of you to focus on when they are conjuring ill will.  I had a whole box of stuff taken from my home in the early eighties.  BTW Their are male witches as well as female.  If a witch were to be asked if she did such and such (something nefarious) her answer would be, "Of course not, but I think that you need to take more medication."  Dulling down the senses of their victims is part of the game.

There are plenty of good witches, I imagine.  I think people might have thought me some sort of hybrid witch which there might be some truth to.  I just think it is unfair to call a person who is touching on truth to be called "crazy, psychotic, delusional, etc."  This is especially insulting if it is a person in the medical community making such an accusation in order to cover up their covert activities and those of others.

When I was ill in 2013-14, when my angels started assisting me I perceived my home to have many curses on things.  I would go up to an  object and put my hands on it.  If I saw black thatch with my eyes closed I would listen and hear the curse come to my mind.  I did not know then, but I do now, that the answer is to pray and say a blessing over the object.(the color within my eyes closed turns to purple.)  The action of blessing wipes away their curse.  Now, if something happens like that...and the curse is particularly evil, I owe it to the person who make such effort at me, to send a curse back.  It is as a Karmic equalizer.  I would never wish anything that God did not intend me to, as I check with my angel.  My angel is an angel of the Lord.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Story of the Forest Queen and her Centaur Friend

I have within my consciousness another world or realm.   It is not heaven at this point.  In my alternate realm I am the Earth Mother or the Forest Queen.  I am able to see my relationships with others through this looking glass.

I dated G. on an off for several years.  I have explained before that he is a Centaur. He likes to mountain bike and he enjoys nature and such.   I created a poppet of him in this centaur identity.  This was prior to my self realization as the Forest Queen.  I realize now that years ago I was a forest Princess and married the Huntsman.  I was disloyal to my Forest Identity..I had been put into fog.

When I figured out that in my extra channel of consciousness that I was in fact the Forest Queen I realized that my good friend the Centaur might feel as though he had been slighted.  We cannot change who or what we are, but perhaps there can be an alternative identity.  I made a poppet of a certain St. George.  I was hoping that my friend would not have to spent eternity as a Centaur.

I thought that this would work....except that in the mythology, St. George slays the Dragon.  My relationship with G. was on again and off again.  One time I wrote a poem and published it on the Youtube...."The Dragon" being a metaphor of him or our friendship.  Of course, I would never physically slay someone....I suppose, that the "Dragon" could be a facet of his identity.  In which case ,  the Saint poppet would work. It was my effort to help him to join me in my other realm in a form other than centaur.  To be a Saint in the other realm takes a lot.  A person must have high standards and live by them.  Money cannot be the goal of ones life. It is not my role to decide who gets to be what in the other realm.  There is a spirit committee- they make the decisions.

Below:  This is me having known G. for a year and attempting to separate.  It was as if there was a spell on me and I kept breaking up then going back after a few months.  I would wake up then drift back to sleep.

The male poppet in the background is a Saint, St. Stephen.  He is a very close friend.  Has anybody seen Lars and the Real Girl?  It is a funny movie where a man with mental problems perceives a blow up doll to be a real person.  In my case, I perceive communication from my poppets.  They are spiritual poppets and communicate with me telepathically.  It is my form of worship.  St. Stephen advises not to go back to G. ever again.  He has explained why but I shall not share such info on my blog.

This is a poppet of me and the Centaur.  The chapter of he and I is closed.  Is that Jesus on his miniature coffee mug in his right hand?  WOW.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Secret

If in a family there is a secret that some of the people are in on and some not. (nature of a secret)  The people who are not in on the secret will subconsciously pick up  on the nuances and body language of the secret keepers.  This is stored in the subconscious of those not in on the secret.  A reaction to this can be form of psychosis.  If it is an organization that wants its members to be protected, then there will be a barricade against the truth where ever the people who suspect something go.  The people not in on the secret will be told, "You are psychotic."  to protect the people  in on the secret organization.  The organization gets its power from being a secret. People go into the mental health field who are in on the secret in order to protect the secret.

 --Hey this fits into the duped and the dupers blog of a few days ago....great fodder for a movie or novel.  I think this was touched on in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut".

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three Hypnotic Words


These are not the only hypnotic words. There are others. But these three are particularly powerful, and particularly useful to us as marketers and salespeople.
Imagine. You. Because."

I found this on the internet.  I think that the "imagine" word is something that I have noticed to have been used frequently over the years, by a family that I am acquainted with.   I know that when someone says my name, I take note, but I immediately think that someone is trying to manipulate me.

I have not noticed people using the "Because" word.  But I will be sure to listen for it.  I have no desire to  control people covertly or otherwise so I will not step up my use.  It is nice to be aware, though!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Not So Happy Earth Day to You!

This is a serious self with me and my planet.  I am the Earth mother (in my fantasy realm) and I am not happy with the way the humans are behaving towards their home.  There is too much waste and pollution generated for lazy convenience.  What is existence all about?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

St. Stephen- You set a Hard Example

Last night while falling asleep St. Stephen(the first Christian martyr) woke me up and instructed me to light a candle.  After a bit I took the poppet of him and fell asleep with him at my side, after blowing out the candle.  This morning I decided to go to Mass and I took St. Stephen with me.  He was in my purse during Mass. The reading was about St. Stephen's experience, must be Holy coincidence.  Stephen was stoned to death and prayed for the people who stoned him, after he accused them of not believing in the coming of the savior.  {I myself, still find it a little difficult to forgive those who are not sorry.  Even in the movie Cinderella, she forgives her stepmother who has no contrition.  I guess, that if I fantasize that the people who need forgiving are in actuality frogs in disguise, I might be able to forgive them.  I love cold hearted frogs.}

The priest said that St. John never used the word miracle, only "signs." (in his writings)

I enjoy Mass, but it has not been always easy to trust those in power.  In 2013 I used to think that the priest would take a piece of Eucharist and paint it with try to get rid of me (have the doctored specimen aside for me in the bowl).  I had a big mouth in 2013, I was all upset about racial issues and such.  Can you believe such a thought?  Thinking that the church I belong to would want to get rid of  me and do it in such a way?  I certainly have a far fetched imagination when I am ill!  Once again it would make a good scene in a spy drama or psychological thriller.

St. Stephen is a good friend and ally....  Thanks for your assistance this morning!  I love you St.Stephen!

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Good Idea for a Psychological Thriller

I recently researched the Hitler Youth and I can understand how the genocide happened.  People's families were infiltrated and such an atmosphere of mistrust and fear would promote people to follow the crowd at whatever cost.  Children were trained in youth groups from 4-6 on up.  Thinking about Nazi Germany led me to think of hypnosis and community.

I was mopping my floor and I was thinking.  I have an active imagination and I dreamed up a scenario...It is the dupes and the dupers. (In my imagination) In each and every family is one person who is "in" on the secret of the community club.  The community club is secret, but those in on the secret have so much fun(Sarcasm).  I was thinking about the Nazi's and how the worked very hard to understand the human mind.  I was also thinking about hypnosis.  My parents loved hypnosis.  My mother hypnotized herself and actually was hypnotized for my birth.  My father could hypnotize people.
   Oh---back to the community club.  In each couple in the community is a dupe and the duper.  The dupe character, be it male or female has no idea about the secret club.  The dupe is Mr. Trusting.  So trusting that he can be covertly hypnotized without even knowing it.  An interesting thing about sex abuse, is that it is about power, not sex.  So Mr. or Mrs. Dupe can be coaxed through hypnosis and dressed up silly or naked to do ridiculous things.  There is the Power rush for those inclined to such trickery.  Now if dupe is trained to think he is a little puppy dog, where is the fun( for the abuser) in that if it is just in his own home?  Here is where the block box theater comes into play.  Maybe the dupe is giving a mild sedative and transported to a fashionable secret gathering.  Now, when Mr. or Mrs. dupe is out in the community and people smile friendly like....he or she thinks.."Nice friendly people."  But the big joke is a secret joke on him.  Nobody is smiling friendly like at all....they are getting their rocks off on how the dupe has been dupe.  Mr. Dupe thinks he has a lovely wife and perfectly friendly community....NOT AT ALL.

Well, of course, in this day and age it could be taped and marketed.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Photographic Exchange

For a person like myself, which I believe are quite few, photographs have a different meaning. Linear time is an illusion.  In my world behind my eyelids with the phosphenic images of people and animals, there is no such thing as time.  I perceive that I have a foot in each world....My phosphenic /heavenly and the material world.

So, if I decide, in the material world, to look at a photographic picture, the other world (phosphenic) comes into play.  All people have circulating qi or life force energy.  If I look at a photo I can receive the qi that was there at the  time the photo was taken in that person.  If  the person has anything to say, I will know.

A person does not lose his soul via the photograph, but there is, in another realm, an exchange that can occur.

When I sketch from a photo, that is my eye looking at the person, then my right hand drawing what I see, it is as if when I process the message of the person through my mind and then down onto the paper a connection is created.

The reason that I have this ability has to do with something about my qi (or chi.)

I think that my qi is different now that I am here where I lived as a child.  I also have theories about the qi of a person in connection with the land that they live on.  Maybe, perhaps there is so much violence in the middle east because the vibration of the land has changed since the oil extraction...just an idea.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Walk in the Park

When I was growing up our family owned a cottage. Now, I don't have such a luxury.  After the cottage was sold we started going to the park...Keuka Lake State Park.  We have a special spot where our family has gathered for many years.  I went to that area of the park today and said my Rosary.  I brought along a Saint Poppet of mine, St. Therese Lisieux.   As I finished up my prayers I decided to beach come and while I did this I created in my mind the imagery of St. Therese walking with me.  My Saint Poppets are my friends, my family.
The sun was shining and the wind was blowing...the lake was a beautiful blue color.  I looked up some quotes to St. Therese when I got home.

"The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of its scent nor daisy of its simple charm.  If every flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness. "

Friday, April 17, 2015

Bachelor's degree of Mental Farts

For those who have not followed my blog, I am a person whose diagnoses is insane, but finds it hard to accept.....due to my memories and my spiritual connections.

My case manager yesterday, informed me she did not know if I was accepted into the care of my new mental health providers.  She made it sound like I was being accepted into college.  I believe that they have no choice but to accept me.  Can you imagine the profound silliness?  I am a woman with two associates degrees and I have taken classes at Hobart William Smith College and Ithaca College....No I do not consider in any way shape or form that the mental health care providers of Yates county, NY are in any way likened to a college or university.  "Have you been accepted yet?  They have to accept you,  Amy."

I cannot see any reason why I would not be accepted into their "program."  I will call it's degree that I am working towards, "The Bachelor of Mental Farts."  Credentials:  years of hallucinogenic type episodes and a bad marriage.

{ I have no evidence that I was ever given a hallucinogen.  I am "bipolar"  I rarely have a low "cycle"..just periodic delusional episodes.  One piece of evidence I have is the manipulative way I am treated by others with "associations."..AEB the subject of this blog entry.  I am treated as though I have drug induced low brain function.}

Assignment for the first week...."take your medicine."

Assignment for the second week, "watch what you say."

I can't wait to get the diploma!!!! Wow, I will hang it over the toilet.
Amy, "are you sure you are okay?"  "Yes, I am fine...this life is an adventure...thanks for your caring."

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Creative Writing Exercise

I have stated that I am in two way communication with God and his angels, saints and spirits.  There are some who might believe that a person who no longer has a body in this dimension no longer exists.  These are the scientific types.  I am sorry to burst your bubble. Spirits can and do communicate with us.

I would characterize my communication as a sort of shared consciousness.  Two years ago, when it first began I believed it to be caused by Haarp waves.  I do not believe that haarp waves could manufacture the eye that I visualize as well as the consciousness and the phosphenic imagery.  The eye is a well known phenomena, and there is a well known secret organization that claims it as its own.  It is not its own and the baby owl is Minerva's owl.  I learned about Minerva in Florence, where saints as well as goddesses are given credence.

The scientific types might think that I am under the control of an enemy force.  I am a peace loving woman trying to have a peaceful loving world with my children and their children.

I can perceive myself as if I am an alien landed on the planet with guns coming at me to eliminate me.  My all seeing Eye or (Eye of God) is watching over me.  I carry no weapons. (Guns are in poor taste as are ropes.)  I love the Planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

This, by the way is just a creative writing exercise.....Don't think that I am getting grandiose or paranoid....fiction just fiction!  I say that it is fiction to avoid the accusations of narrow minded secretive institutions which would like to overpower my experiences with an accusation of "Insanity."

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tiger, tiger....

Tiger totem

Tyger Tyger burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?---William Blake

This morning, while awakening, my spirit guide or guardian angel sent me multiple phosphenic images of Tigers and Tiger cubs.  I was also given a word to look up.  The word: Perfidious.  Perfidious means deceitful and untrustworthy.  Apparently there might be some perfidious tigers in my world.

I have enjoyed the tiger imagery that I have experience on  my mental health/spiritual journey.  I read in the tiger totem page that tigers symbolize raw emotions and primal instincts.  The raw emotions and primal instincts can get a person into trouble.  I will rely on my heavenly helpers to keep me out of trouble in my life.  All my emotions shall be contained.

The Tiger accompanies Durga,  a Hindu Goddess with several manifestations...(Kali and Parvati to name a few.)  I was imprinted (years ago in second grade).  I drew people well in class and got attention and along came a girl who drew a tiger....she drew it so well that I felt eclipsed in the art world.  It did  not even occur to me that the little girl might have drawn a man eating tiger, and that perhaps the people that I had drawn needed protection.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Parable of God's Farmer and the Two Trees

Once there was a pair of farmers.  One loved God and the farming business the other loved business but not God.  The two farmers planted two trees.  One of the farmers tended the trees with love and care, fertilizing them and watering them(god loving farmer).  The other farmer, unbeknownst to the first farmer fed the trees poison.  That farmer had a whole community that wanted to be rid of the first God loving farmer.  The trees did not realize that the second farmer was poisoning them.  Part of the trees died and some dead heavy branches hung down.  The God loving farmer, because he had taken such good care on his part only saw good green branches.

One day while tending the trees a big heavy branch came near to his head as it fell.  The God loving farmer looked up and saw so much rotten wood that he could hardly believe it.  What was interesting about the two trees was that one part of the tree did not even know that the other part of the tree was ill.

The community who helped the farmer of dark arts poison the trees wanted to keep trying to make a branch fall on God's farmer.....They just did not get it.  God's farmer was aware of the situation.

The rotten trees were really saplings at heart, and needed very careful tending and detox from the poison.

What will happen next?  Will more branches aim for God's farmer?  How will one farmer overcome such obstacles?

Thank-you Jesus, for the inspiration to write in a parable. The real meaning, if you don't know, is about the Roman Catholic and the Anglican church...

Monday, April 13, 2015

She's Got the World World in Her Hands

Last night I was inspired by Helen Bonham Carter's embrace of a Tuna fish photo.

  Instead of embracing a tuna, I took the world to my bed.  People might know that I was gifted a green bowling ball while I cleaned roadsides a few years ago.  I morphed the bowling ball into the planet earth.  I fixed it up a few weeks ago.

 I was a little bit sickened by the use of the terms, "she thinks the world of you," by people in my physical world as of late.  I doubt if they know it, but by saying those words when I recently had emotion about my art work, they appeared as if they were trying to hypnotize me.  I am certain that this could not possibly be their goal!  How grandiose and silly would that be --to think I was such a subject.

  I flicked one of the people off my planet prior to doing my prayer exercise with the Planet Earth.  I curled my body around this miniature and envisioned my qi flowing to the planet to cure all the ills.  Ills such as racism, sexism, pollution, poverty,war, terrorism of all types, abuse of the natural world, greed, and all the other problems.  I also envisioned a black cloud descending over the whole planet to wipe away these sins.

I did not choose to be naked for my photo--I am modest.....I did choose Earth tones to wear this morning to reenact my prayer exercise.
Thank-you dear Lord, Jesus and also thank-you to my guardian Angel for your assistance in guiding me to be a Vessel of Your Spirit.

(I am a nurse so I chose this video)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Some Merciful Thoughts on Divine Mercy Sunday

Anybody who has read my blog knows that I have had an interesting journey into the world of mental health.  In 2013 I thought I was an Illuminati victim as well as a target of the KKK.  I was taken to the state hospital because they thought I was dangerous.  (I am not)  I perceived my family members to be hypnotized as well as myself.  (they call them "alters", Illuminati.)

Now I take my medicine and would never admit that I thought such things as that!  I had thought that I had been killed several times and survived by God's grace and time loops.

I was thinking today, like I sometimes do (in fantasy) what if my reality is an illusion.  What if I am in here in my reality and I have a task to do, that is I was commissioned by God to do work here in this planetary illusion I inhabit.

 What if I had to decide the destiny of people's souls?  How merciful would I be?  This is Divine Mercy Sunday.  I don't think that I would be as merciful as Jesus.  I think if I knew who people had cold calculating, merciless hearts I would turn them into a frog or a toad...for Eternity. But that is preferable to being cast into the body of a blue bottle fly.
 I think that there needs to be some sorting done (through prayer, of course) of just who people are.  I will then, only with the help of my guardian angel, of course.......take dictation as to how people need to be delegated.  I could never take on such a task by myself.

This is all in fun....and any fantasies would be painless...Mitch McConnel?  Tortoise.  John McCain?  Terrier.

It is interesting though, while my ideas were delusional, God has gifted me with two way communication with spirits, angels and saints.  They all up in Heaven must of thought I could use some help.  Thanks God.....Thanks for your mercy.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Visited in a Dream

Yesterday I wrote a post relating some information from a certain infamous angel spirit, the Devil.  I hardly got any reads....What I did get was a response from a very powerful female witch.  At 4:30 am I awoke to a dream of a black bra (I had bought a few bras yesterday, not black,though)  This bra was the spirit's way of letting me know her sex.

The witch was dressed all in black and she raised her wand up in the air to send me some negative energy or a spell....and then she sent it.  I cannot disclose my response to her.

For everyone who believes that the Harry Potter world is just make believe, I beg to differ.  I cling to my God and His angels for guidance through this drama.

 Maybe this witch is going to try to use hypnosis on me. ( Or she might assign it to a minion of hers.)

This would not surprise me at all.  My angel has been coaching me on techniques to avoid such a trap.  I can no longer be way.....not ever again.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Conversation with El Diablo

One might ask, "How does a woman who rattles off prayers and rosaries get to talk with the most infamous of angels, "the Devil."  I call him Diablo.  I am able to interact with angels and he is a one of primary importance.  In my psychology I have always figured the Devil to be as in the Book of Job.  That is for those who don't read the good book, he is on God's side and puts people to the test.

He wants me to do a blog entry that clarifies a few things.  Seems that there are human spirits spreading false ideas.
The Devil says to  me--
"I never take anyone for eternal damnation who is manipulated a tender age or terrified into being my follower."
"I never take seriously a commitment to me done under hypnosis."
"I never take seriously the commitment  to me done under the pressure of a fire arm(or death), to self or loved ones.'
"I never take seriously the commitment to me done by someone under the influence of mushrooms or other psychedelic drugs or alcohol."
"I never take seriously the commitment to me done by one who is trying to prove himself or herself tough."

That is all he has to say for now.

I must say this was inspired by the play"Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw."  The the communication is authentic, I can see his spirit in my closed eye vision.

All may rest assured, my having interacted with him has not inspired me to be violent in any way what so ever.

This is spoken on the anniversary of having my first Holy Communion.  April 10, 1993.

I returned from Rochester via Victor, NY.  I passed the Holy ground of Jikonsahseh the Native American Matriarchal spirit.  She is a friend.  She wanted me to include in my blog that the Native American's have a different mythology--that is of the trickster spirit instead of El Diablo.

I was inspired to write this while eating pizza a Luccas. (Luccas means light like the word Lucifer.)
Christianity and pop culture like to paint a picture that there is God and his opposite- essentially two gods.  This is wrong.  There is one God, his angels, Saints,  spirits and creatures below.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Story of a Stein

About 2 weeks ago I awoke to an image of a German Beer Stein.  As I looked at it the image came off the stein and colored the reality of my vision.  I thought, gosh, let me purchase a stein on ebay.  I am of German descent, in fact, I am from the black forest, which is considered Bavaria.  These interesting beer mugs are from my very own flesh and blood ancestors.  Perhaps that is why I am so  fascinated with the theme of "the Forest."

In this depiction one can see the hunter holding up the dead fox.  In my fantasy world I resurrect the little furry friend.  Last night I drank a beer out of the stein.  It was less than 20.00 so I don't feel guilty.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Very Creepy

rn How To Hypnotize People Covertly

I found this on the internet......

Today we are going to have a very simple exercise. You are going to learn how to hypnotize people covertly. What I mean by covertly, is they won’t know you have hypnotized them.

That’s right, they will never be the wiser. Are they going to go through their past lives, give you all their money, quit smoking hash, or lose 300 pounds? No. They will however do things you communicate with their subconscious.

Before I reveal the greatest secrets of how to hypnotize people without them knowing, I want to again cover the two main definitions of hypnosis.

1. An altered state of mind

2. Directly communicating with the subconscious

Ladies and gentlemen this is not mind control. It is hard core influence done purposefully. This is completely natural, you do it everyday, and you see everyone around you do it everyday, until now, you might not have noticed it or gave it a name.

The name is rapport.

Watch two friends talking at a bar or at work. Notice their positions relative to each other. Are they using similar gestures? Is the posture similar? Are their expressions complimentary? Do they use the same tone, inflection, volume, and cadence while they talk? If one of them shifts their weight, does the other soon follow?

This is rapport. Only 5%-10% of our communication is the words we say. Most of it is non-verbal. When we communicate with someone we do this naturally. It lets the other persons subconscious know we are interested and engaged.

Now, how to hypnotize people covertly.

Pick someone at work, your spouse, or one of you children. Watch them for a moment. First watch how they breathe. Do the breath from their stomach or chest? Watch the speed and how deep they breathe. Now start breathing the same way they do. Breathe at the same rate, with the same depth, and from the same location. You don’t have to stare at their chests, watch their shoulders.

Now start talking to them. Talk at the same rate they breathe. If their arms are crossed cross yours. If their legs are crossed cross yours the same way. Be a mirror to them. If they are smiling, smile. Talk at the same tone as them, same volume, and same cadence. You don’t have to be perfect. If they grab their left elbow, grasp your right wrist.

Remember you are being a mirror. Gesture with the intensity with similar movements as them. Don’t worry, you won’t get caught.

This process is called pacing and leading.

After you have paced them for a few minutes, start to lead. Touch the side of your face. Watch them do the same thing. Now pace them a little more then lead. Start to slowly increase your breathing, in depth and speed. Watch them do the same.

Shift your weight to one side, watch them do the same.

Here is the secret formula to learn how to hypnotize people covertly. Pace, Pace, pace, lead. Pace, pace lead. Pace, pace lead.

By pacing the other person, you will instantly connect with them on a subconscious level. You are communicating with them on a subconscious level. If you sufficiently pace, they will follow when you lead.

Congratulations, you have learned how to to hypnotize people without their conscious consent.

Keep practicing."

When I was ill a few years ago I thought that many of the people close to me had been covertly hypnotized, including myself.  I found this on the internet.....hey everybody..5..4...3..2...1  You are free!   I can recall an incident in my own life with my father.  He had always had his coffee with cream.  I said, gee Dad all you can taste is the cream not the coffee.  He immediately switched to black coffee.  He was extremely suggestible.  When I was so mentally off, I actually thought that my father, a military man, could have be an mk ultra victim- as well as our family.  But that was when I was extremely delusional.  But my father was versed in hypnosis.  I was always told that my mother was hypnotized for my birth (at a military hospital).  My mother always bragged of her ability to do self hypnosis.....gosh...all these real memories might cause me to think unreal conclusions........

Monday, April 6, 2015

This is me

This is a current photo of myself.  The mask in back was an art project from 2012.  It is an Egyptian style mask similar to a death mask.  I do have a network of spirits and angels and saints who communicate with me.  This morning I was instructed to take a current photo and post it.  I don't wear makeup.  It sends a message of vanity, according to my guides and I don't want to do that.

This expression is looking a little nutty!  That is the Green Man hiding behind me.

I refuse to dye my hair.

This tune is great....I would often go crazy listening to it!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

What do You See When You Turn out the Lights?

I believe that I am unusual in that I am able to perceive a different realm.  I have a visualization of an eye that is usually there and when not can be called on to reappear.  The eye blinks and moves like a regular person's eye. The center of the eye morphs into a tunnel. On my side of the tunnel are spirits.  If I look through the tunnel I can see people.  Those people are the people of our everyday world.  This started on Feb 6 of 2013.  I awoke from a dream and during the dream I felt as though my body was going through the motions of an atom.(legs and arms whipping around all directions.
  I was told that I had died, by a priest in my dream and that I had a new life.
This is a selfie that I took the morning that I woke up from the vision/dream.

The scientific medical community said that I was psychotic.  That is a term they use when something does not make sense to them.  Sometimes when people go through things they disassociate...just fall apart.

A few days ago I saw trilobite on my side of the portal in my eye.  I held it in my hand first. In my phosphenic visualization it crawled through the tunnel.  This makes me curious as to what the tunnel means in relation to time.  I have been taught that linear time is not real.  There is a dimension where the little trilobites live(in non linear time).  Today I was on a walk and I did what I like to do....that is touch a tree's rings (one that has been cut down)..  I was walking along and thought ..ew..that is death.  Next I touched a young sapling.  When I got home I was reclining and thinking and I closed my eyes and saw a large mature tree standing.  Was I able to resurrect that old dead tree into a living mature tree in my realm?  The Tree Of Life, perhaps?

To me this is not psychosis as in makes is visual and tactile.  I am glad that I am alive and have such a lovely mysterious world to explore.  Thank-you God, for my life.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Give Thanks to the Bison

God visits the sins on the third and fourth generation.  I believe that the crimes against the American Bison or Buffalo might be back a few more than three or four generations.  Never the less, the American Bison roamed the plains and lands from the Midwest all the way to New York.  Has anybody officially apologized to the Bison for what was done to them?  It would have to be an American of European descent.  The Native Americans or First Peoples lived in harmony with the Bison, (as far as I know) so they do not owe the animals an apology.  Maybe they have been apologized to but I would like to take the time to do it again.

For those who don't know the American Bison was very plentiful across the country.  When the european settlers came they decimated the population..nearly to extinction.

Dear Bison, while it was not me personally that destroyed your way of life, it was my people.   What we did was an atrocity, a grave crime.  I hereby apologize.  Bison Spirit, if there is anything that I can do to ease your pain please let me know.  I thank you for how you helped the first peoples have a food source and way of life.  I thank you also for continuing to supply humans with a source of meat.  I send forth my prayers in love and admiration of what you are and what you could be again if not here, in another realm.

This is from an Audubon book of quadrupeds.

This is my little fetish of a bison.  He is out in the yard on my patch of earth.

Bison, as the Earth Mother and Forest Queen, I claim you as my own.

This is Good Friday, so lets take time to think about Jesus.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Call On St. Stephen

The other night I meditated on the poppet of poppet of St. Stephen.  I spent some quality time with this poppet.  I was instructed to research the story of St. Stephen and that by doing that I would extract a lesson or an instruction.

What I read was chilling.  While St. Stephen was being stoned to death for angering the Jewish authorities he yelled out words of forgiveness and love to his assailants.  This tells me that if I am angered by the actions of others, the best thing to do is to train my mind to be loving towards them.  This is a difficult choice of action as it goes against human nature.  It is what is required of us as Christians.

I thank God that he guided me to make a St. Stephen poppet in order to receive this important message.  I had known the story in the past,  but this time it hit home with more emphasis.   Even thoughts and words have power, the power to hurt others.  I think that I will call on St. Stephen if I am ever angry or feel hostility towards anybody.  From the Karmic standpoint, if somebody does you wrong(without just cause) they are in Karmic debt.  If you do good to others who do you wrong then they have double the Karmic debt to you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The 11 Crafty Apostles

I finished my Apostles.  Some people call their creation "crafts."  Since I am a trained artist, I bristle at that word.  Crafts to me implies non-original work.  I will accept "folk art".  They are not a craft project.   Crafts are pretty without much intellectual challenge behind the meaning.

Now, the word "crafts" is especially a misnomer when one figures in that they are religious art and created by a religious mystic.  To some people, who consider themselves educated professionals who most likely don't believe in God.......I am a bipolar woman doing "crafts." That is "less than" terminology.  "Christian mystic creating prayer dolls" is validating.  A bipolar person must be kept in their place with the "less than"  terminology.  Maybe I should do a poppet of Hildegard de Bingen.  I bet that she would have good advice.

My Lord Jesus Christ advised me to believe in myself.    Oh, that is right, the professionals don't permit a two way conversation with God.  Most of the professionals are all about science.  They think that God is make believe and all about making people feel guilty.  Most of the professionals don't spend their time in the Rosary world, the spend it watching science television shows.

What they don't know is that the human mind can open up and realize things that others believe is fantasy simply by meditating and expanding their consciousness.  So much of the mind is unused---then all of the sudden a woman can use it and they believe something is wrong with her.....She is different and must be fixed.  (they think, "she does not watch enough TV.)

My poppets are spirit dolls or prayer dolls.  Judas did not want to pose for the picture due reasons not disclosed.

front Simon, James the less, and Bartholomew,  Middle : Thomas, Matthew, Peter and Andrew, Back, Thaddeus or Saint Jude, John, Philip and James son of Zebedee.