Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Welcome to the Portal

I live in an alternative reality.  I have phosphenic visions and I see a portal in my closed eye vision.  The portal makes it easier to realize different realms.  When I think of human history there are examples of peoples who have thought like myself.  One example is the early Judaism ...Rachel sat on the "Idols".  These people were able to communicate with the small figurines.  Spirits inhabited them, I would imagine.

One favorite criticism of religion is the "offerings" left for the Gods.  - The argument is that --oh- the priests ate the offerings and the people were fooled.  I perceive this differently.  The Gods dwell in a different realm and that realm is accessible with the human mind.  If the human makes an offering it is the action that counts and the foods actually materialize in the other realm.  A God took the offering and did what he or she wanted with it.  The food at the alter has been actualized in the God's realm.  It no longer matters if the priests ate the food.

For instance, I have made two poppets in the image of little green men aliens.  It may sound silly, but they are put on my window sill to keep guard.  They are actually inhabited by angels.  Either way, they like fruit.  I bring them fruit.  The fruit I bring them looks unchanged.  In the realm where the little poppets move and are in physical bodies, the fruit is eaten.  I could see one eating a blueberry in my closed eye phosphenic vision.  A person might see this and think "she is absolutely nutzo".  Well, you don't see what I see.  I would say about you that you cannot comprehend.  Part of the problem is Science.  Science demands everything be measurable.  Science likes to think it has the score on reality, when in fact it certainly does not.  Science can cripple human imagination.  Science is very dirty towards the environment.

The human who brought a food offering to the Gods has a mind which is not solitary like we are used to perceiving.  Actually, it is connected to a a cosmic collective consciousness.  The collective consciousness is alive and real.  It is possible that there are different levels of the CC which connect to heaven....where God or the Gods are.  It is very typical of God to have the most primitive actually be the most advanced.. I am just rambling.

I have in my closed eye vision, a tunnel occasionally.  On my side of the tunnel is my mind and scores of spirits.  I see them as I fall asleep.  Now, last night, I saw the tunnel and at the other side was a person looking into the tunnel at me.  That person is in your world with you the reader.  The person very well may have been one of you.  That is fine, I like company to my realm.  ;-)

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