Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Taming of the Pie Dough Billy Goat

Forgive me for this capricious blog entry!

In late 2012 I was at the local community college where I was taking art classes.  I was "psychotic"  I envisioned myself as Durga.  I announced to a random student," I am Durga, the demon slayer and I am invincible."  Durga, a Hindu goddess was commissioned by the other gods and goddesses to rid the society of demons. Human people are never demons.  They might be inhabited by negative energy but they are not demons.   A demon slayer would not slay a person.

When I visited Assisi I learned about St. Francis who tamed the wolf that had been eating children.  It became a pet to the community.

In the Bible book of Tobit, Raphael chases down Asmodeus and strangles him. But,  I don't believe that a "demon" can be killed.  But then again I am not the arch angel Raphael.

In 2014 prior to the sale of my home, I was making a pie.  I was working on the crust, rolling out the dough and there was some cinnamon that had mixed in.  I could not help but see that a goat's face was in the dough.  I am a receiver, so my Chinese masseuse told me.  I received at that moment the message from the goat.  "I want your kids."  I like  goats.  I was "psychotic" in 2013 about the Illuminati.  They have a goat or ram as there symbol.  The bible talks of separating the sheep from the goats.  (the goats being the people not destined for heaven.)

I like St. Francis's approach the best.  I love my kids and I doubt if the goat demon in my pie crust could harm them.  I took a fragment of the pie dough and put it into sculpy type substance and made a goat head.  I even mounted it on a little piece of wood.  I communicated with this goat and it was cantankerous.    The head fell off the wood a few weeks ago and I figured he might want some company.  He requested a Toggenburg for a helpmate.  I obliged.

I know that I am not normal.  In this society if you are not with the norm with your thoughts you are"less than".  People might not be able to understand me, so it is me that is not right.  Perhaps they think I need fixing.  I have been me for 54 years.  I am harmless.  I am glad that I am to this point in my spirituality.  I believe that I am within my constitutional rights to believe I am above the norm in my perceptions and thoughts of angels, saints, and spirits.

I gave the goat and his beloved wire bodies.  Maybe there is a realm in which these two goats are romping and playing in a barn with fresh straw, or a hillside.

  For my art show this is titled: Goats, Mixed Media.

And the two goats lived happily ever after, eventually having "kids" of their own.

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