Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Interview: Self with Self

Hello, my name is Amy, I am going to play the part of the interviewer.  I am going to conduct an interview with Amy, the mental patient.(Amy the mental patient is also Amy Brandlin)

Hi Amy, How are you today?  (emphasis on "are")

Amy: Mental Patient. I am fine today thanks.

Interviewer:  Are you working yet?

Amy: Mental Patient: I am busy with my art.  Today I put hair on the head of James, son of Zebedee.  I made several hand stitched and glued linen loin clothes.

Interviewer:  It does not really seem as though you are even trying to be normal.  Who in this entire world spent time sewing loin cloths for the Apostles.  Have you applied to Aldi's?

Amy, Mental Patient:  My art work has meaning for  me.  I feel as though I know the apostles personally. The St. Dymphna poppet and St Elizabeth poppet came shopping to Canandaigua with me.  St. Elizabeth suggested I spend $80.00 on a skirt at The Brass Zipper.  When I got there I found the exact skirt she was referring to.  I have a foot in the world of the saints and a foot in this world.(She wanted me to reward myself as I am in the process of making over a dozen poppets right now.)  Working at Aldi's might be a waste of time for a Christian mystic.

Interviewer:  Amy.  The saints don't talk to you.  That is a hallucination.  You are very ill.  We need you to be normal and work at Aldi's.  Society needs you to work at Aldi's.  It is not the norm for people to talk to dolls or receive messages.  Aldi's is a for profit store.  Everything works on money in this society.  We cannot have people who live in lalla land.  MONEY.  That is what is important and real.  Do you have any idea how big this world is?  Believe me, there is nothing special about you.

Amy, Mental Patient:  Did you say your Rosary today?

Interviewer.  Doesn't that prayer take 20 minutes?  Of course not and I am not Catholic.

Amy, Mental Patient:  Then I imagine that you did not go to Mass either.  I think that you and I look at the world through each a different lens.  What is reality to you is not the same as me.  What I heard once from somebody was the the majority rules as to what is real and what is not real.  I am a minority, so I must be classified as defective.

Interviewer:  But what exactly makes you think your reality is different?

Amy, Mental Patient:  In 2001 the Virgin Mary spoke to me from a Holy card and she glowed all orange.

Interviewer:  Bipolar Hallucination. Delusion.

Amy, Mental Patient: Vision.  I see that you are serious about keeping me a "less than"  rather than a gifted person.

Interviewer:  Is there anything else?

Amy, Mental Patient:  When I go to mass is see phosphenic images of God.  This usually happens at the consecration.  (That is when the priest turns the bread and wine to the actual body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.)

Interviewer:  I imagine that you have dreams to go build an ark.

Amy, Mental Patient:  No but nearly every morning as I awake I receive a dream that is like a message.   This morning I saw a cross and it was unclear if it was Jesus or someone else nailed to it.  It was dark.

Interviewer:  Amy.  We want you back here on the planet earth.  Enough is enough.  Delusions, psychosis...we have all the terminology to describe you.  Our words are powerful. You are sick.

Interviewer:  Oh one more thing.  How can you account for 2013 when you were so radical in your craziness?

Amy, Mental patient:  Sometimes God has to tear someone down in order to rebuild them.

Interviewer:  Are you taking your medication?

Amy, Mental Patient:  Yes.  Btw.  I am reading Uncle Tom's Cabin and Persepolis.

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