Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Married The Huntsman

As a little girl I loved fairy tales, in fact, here is a photo of me at Christmas receiving the Brothers Grimm, illustrated by Maurice Sendak.
You can see the Danish flags on the tree-  I am of Danish descent.

In the last blog entry you learned that my 2 boyfriends after my divorce were in fact forest creatures.  I was meditating this morning and the realization came to me that my Ex husband is the human manifestation of the fairy tale archetype of "The Huntsman."

(He even recently purchased a wooded property.)

While I was growing up I had never even met a person who used guns and hunted animals.  In fact to me and my gal pals, the huntsman was the epitome of evil.  But in the fairy tale world, the huntsman, as in Little Red Riding Hood, has a savior persona.  He is the master of the woodland.
  My Ex- L. hunted deer and woodchucks, shot sickly cats on the farm, and protected us from potentially rabid wild creatures or "kritters" he would say.  My ex L. trapped little animals.  That is extremely cruel.  Tiny morsels of food are set out...the little creature is so happy....then SNAP!  A metal device grabs its foot.....  How sad.....I did not even take into account our differences in values when assessing him as my mate.

I had been a avid animal lover(prior to meeting him),  something about my unbounded affections for creatures went dormant while I was with my Ex L..  This is not a good thing.   Recall from the previous blog entry that I am a sprite in the alternate reality.  If I no longer cared for my fellow forest creatures then would they care for me and help me in my hour of need?   Recall how the deer came to me as I had wished that early morning at the lake.  I see a Karmic equation coming around that is not balanced in my favor.   I betrayed the forest world when I married "The Huntsman."

That is me in the forest cottage prior to marriage (1978) tis a metaphor of my mindset.

Actually at that time L. had curls.

I believe that the Karmic equation became equalized with the two men after him.  B. was an avid bird watcher.  (he even caught a bald eagle with his camera).  He was the faun.  G. taught me the evils of killing mice.  He was the centaur.  It is all good now, as they say.  I have paid my forest dues.    

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