Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, March 6, 2015

How Do You Frame a Voice?

Some of my stay in the New York State mental hospital was a bit surreal.  I was put in there as people thought I was dangerous.  What I recall of my thoughts back then in 2013 was that I was worked up about racism.  I was delusional in that I thought that I had been murdered several times, only to come back into reality due to some sort of wrinkle in time.  I was worried about the Illuminati secretly monitoring me.  I thought that I was an Mk Ultra victim.  I know now that those thoughts were erroneous.  The psychologist there told me that delusions are representations of real issues in one's consciousness.  What issues, I wonder?  I will have to think on it.  One thing is sure, I never plotted to hurt anybody.

One thing I find interesting is the terminology "hearing voices."  One time last year while upstairs I thought I heard the voice of my sister when she was not there.  I feel that in my artistic endeavors I have a muse that guides me in choices of what artistic project to tackle.   I think the muse then puts on big bulky angel wings with a halo.  When he does that I hear him guide me as my guardian angel.  The medical community has what I call, "less than" terminology to keep people from thinking creatively about the voices they hear.  If you are "hearing voices"  it is a very negative image that is conjured.   This language tries to keep us in our "Less Than" position in society.  We are supposed to think that the medical community has the answers.  Many in the psychiatric community have a distaste for religion.  They believe faith instigates inordinate guilt.  While Christianity is the dominant faith in the USA it is interesting to note that demons are not taken seriously.  Jesus drove out demons right and left during his ministry, it is well documented in that famous best seller.

When I was in the state hospital there was a woman who was periodically screaming at her "voices".  There are cement block walls and tiled floor in the facility.  The acoustics are a torture to endure.  This woman had been screaming for at least a week.  She was not herself.  I said to her, "Why don't you ask the woman (she had confided that it was a woman's voice) to stop?  The next day she was not yelling.  A week went by and I asked how the voices were.  She said, "What voices?"

Prior to the medical community running psychiatry, mental health was the domain of the church.  People were thought to be possessed by demons.  What is a "demon" exactly?  I think of it as a bundle of psychic energy.  I don't know if spirits or demons talk to people as "hearing voices" but I would not be surprised if they did.

Do you recall the movie "the Witches of Eastwick"?  If I recall the witches drove a woman to madness with their craft.  The character who was religious was portrayed as weak.  If a person were to accuse someone of doing black magic against them I am sure that they would be told that they were paranoid.

Pope Leo XIII had an auditory hallucination that he deemed to be of importance.  He heard the Devil and Jesus talking.  The Devil had a gutteral tone of voice.  The devil said that he could win over the population in a hundred years.  Jesus then said,  go ahead.  ( it was something like that)  The Pope decided that he would write the prayer to Saint Michael in response.  This prayer was prayed after Mass for over 50 years.  Pope Leo XIII was a very interesting individual and worth reading about.  He was also big on the Rosary.

Pope Leo XIII

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