Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Keep It Simple- Especially in Court

One of  the absolute most miserable moments of my life occurred in June of 2013.  This came to mind because I am doing a stitchery project.  I was manic most of 2013- (or that is the label that "experts" gave my behavior.)  Because of several misunderstandings I was characterized as a potential killer.  I hate guns and would never buy one buy many were certain I was going to get a gun and start shooting.  I had a list of people with actions that was found in my home.  People were convinced I had created a hit list.  My delusion was that I was immortal.  The list was of people who had killed me and I had recovered from their actions via time looping.

I was in court in June of 2013.  My son wanted an order of protection against me.  I wanted to have counseling or some kind of contact.  I love my son and his wife and when the judge issued a YEAR long order of protection, I said, " The Karmic wheel goes round and round, you'll get yours."  I was in a mental state.  I was thinking that people know what certain words mean.  I imagine that the judge interpreted my words was as such, "I will get you."  All I meant was "Hey you are really dumping on a lonely mentally ill woman and you will reap what you sew. (It will come back to you.)  Guess what world, I don't have my hand on the Karmic wheel dishing out fate.  If you are ever in court, please keep it simple. No cross cultural ideas or references.  Hindu?  No way!  I was accused of threatening the judge and was sent to a state facility for two months--that is long enough to prove I was not dangerous.

My son and I are now reconciled.  Things are pretty good again, I would say.  The kids are still becoming accustomed to a mother with novel ideas.  Baby steps.

I am not violent and never have been or will be.  When thoughts, feelings and actions occur between a mother and child it matters not whether the child is 2 months, 10 years or 30 years.  The bond between mother and child is a holy connection.

My stitchery is inspired by Freida Kahlo.  She would put her image in the place of or combined with the Virgin Mary motif.  I have done the same with my son and I, Mother and Child.  I am going to study some Super Nova imagery to go in the back ground. Stitchery is n ancient form of art, usually done by women.

reference shot (Did I say "shot"  I mean photo!)  My baby is anonymous. 

Oh, by the way...judges in court are looking for a way to seriously NAIL you.  Best to keep ones mouth shut..

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