Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Poppets of the Family of John the Baptist

Here is the family of Saint John the Baptist.  I was confused a few years back and posted some ideas which were sacrilegious  This is a formal apology to this family of Saints.  I am sorry St. Elizabeth, St Zechariah and St. John.

There is a spirit world very near and I am fortunate to be able to appreciate my Saint friends and know when I have done them wrong!    

Elizabeth is St Anne's sister and St. Anne is Saint Mary's mother.  John's father was murdered around the time of Herod's slaughter of the Holy Innocents and St John's mother died forty days later.  Little John was raised in the forest.  Zechariah was murdered while in a Temple worshiping.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Owls, "Hoot, Hoot!"

A fascinating thing that I recall from my childhood is the owl pellet.  As kids we did a lot of hiking and exploring.  To find a skull or animal bones was the Holy Grail of finds, but to see an owl pellet was a thrill too.  What is an owl pellet?  An owl cannot separate the inedible from the edible parts of it's prey prior to swallowing it.  It swallows a mouse or other little animal then it expectorates the hair and bones after partially digesting it.  Owl Pellet.

When I just started dating the man who became my husband, his father found an owl in a trap or caught in a fence I can't recall which.  The owl grabbed onto his hand.  I don't recall the details but I believe that he needed to be treated with antibiotics.

Owls symbolize wisdom.  In the native american culture, owls symbolize death. Owl totem is explained here.

We would see an occasional owl in our calf barn. (when we were dairying).  One year there was this tiny little screech owl in the rafters  The kids really enjoyed looking at it and it did not seem to be afraid.

I collect miniature owl portraits.  The collection started in 2004 when I bought my second owl.  I was in Assisi, Italy.  I continued to find little owls here and there, garage sales, etc.  I have stopped collecting.  Basta.  The last one of my collection is a Amy Original.

Boyfriend's father gets grabbed by talons.

Cloisonne Owl from Assisi

Amy Original Owl

Owls are very magical and mysterious.  The culture became very excited about owls with the Harry Potter series.  Parents wanted to buy their children their very own pet owls.  Luckily people don't usually keep them as pets.  If you want a pet owl, find a miniature sculpting of one to buy.  Hold it in your hands and imagine it to be alive and flying around you.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lady Bugs to the Rescue!

Did you ever wonder why a Lady Bug is called a Lady Bug?  From what I have researched they are named for Our Lady, that is the Virgin Mary.  Apparently crops were suffering from an infestation of aphids.  The people prayed fervently to the Virgin and a plattoon of bugs arrived to save the crop and fill their bellies with aphids.  The bugs were the little red spotted beetle, now known as the Lady bug.  I was ill in 2013 (mentally disturbed) and I prayed for help.  I painted lady bugs on my back door moulding.  They were about 1-2 inches big.  I searched my photos as I thought I had taken a picture, but I could not find them.

But what is amusing is that here in my new home I have 3 little lady bugs that have joined me in the dead of winter.

this photo needs to be rotated.

these little buddies hang around the kitchen sink.    The green is some pottery I made.  It has a little rubber lady bug.

These little guys and galls have come to keep me company!

Saint Paul and I Get Reacquainted

In 2012 I took Art History at the community college.  The instructor was a feminist and I appreciated that about her.  She explained to me that she did not like Apostle Paul at all.  He was sexist and was to blame for much of the subjugation of women in the Christian world.  I had been practicing Christianity for almost 20 years and never took the time to know this.  I became somewhat disjointed, crazy, what ever one may call it in 2013.  I became upset with Apostle Paul when I became unhinged.  He is responsible for much of the new testament.  People read his words everyday all over the world.  What an afterlife vibration he must have.

If the Apostle Paul had been a feminist Christianity would not have taken hold as fast.  It would not have been as palatable for the majority of the population.  Jesus's feminist stand would have threatened the men in power. Here is a really good article.

Today, I make a poppet of Apostle Paul.  He was short, bald and bearded.  I am not angry with this person anymore, in fact, I am bringing him into my poppet world!

Oh - during my mental state I was thinking about St John the Baptist too!  I was trying to solve a murder mystery from the era of my childhood.  I was NOT contemplating injuring or harming anybody.

St Paul

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fee Fly Foe Fum! Or Sequel to "The Fly"

When I was thirteen I experienced a wet July season that led to the proliferation of deer flies.  When ever I was outside I would be their target.  If I did not bat at them they would sting the top of my head.  When I was a youngster at our cottage there would be times when horse flies buzzed in while we swam.  We would all submerse ourselves in panic.

The flies were the terrorists.  I proclaimed that Flies were the devil incarnate. The are guilty of spreading diseases as well driving people, and animal nuts.

When I was ill I did what could be considered some kind of evil spell.  I imagined someone would become a blue bottle fly in his next life.  That is not a very nice thing to do.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Maybe it is me that shall be a fly in my next life!  I am prepared. I am sure that I will not be alone!  This is me in fly-carnation.

In the Nineteen nineties my children would catch flies in the barn with their bare hands.  They were about 11 years old and knew about the birds and bees, and flies.  They relayed to me that some were male and some female and they had a pinch technique in sexing them.  They probably would not appreciate me sharing that.  They were budding entomologists.   I am one with the fly!

Are flies evil incarnate? No.  They perform the important task of digesting other dead animals and they also consume waste.  Maggots are used in wound treatment. They(eat) clean out the dead tissue.

I don't like flies buzzing around the house or my around the top of my head, but lets hear it for the lowly fly who is very needed in our world.

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Miss Little Toby

In 1989 we were without a dog.  I brought my children to piano lessons and met Petunia(Toby's sister).  There was a family in the village of Clifton Springs who was giving out puppies.  I think it was a week later and I told Bill (the pianist's husband) that I had stopped in but nobody was home.  Bill explained that he knew that they were being given away so go back and just take one.  I did.  I guess, in retrospect, I sort of stole him.  He was in an open garage with a barricade to keep him in.

Why did I name him Toby?  It popped into my mind.  Later I found the interesting Bible story of Tobit.  It is very interesting, complete with angels, demons and social justice.  (the guy paid his workers the same wage he took).  It also has a miraculous healing, using burnt fish guts.  I recommend it.  It is not in all the bibles.........wait, the burnt fish drives the demon away and the fish gall cures blindness.  It is the only place in the bible where a dog is mentioned in the story.

Toby's ears went upright like a Scotty dog's.  (he looked very Scottish, so I assumed he was half Scottish terrier).  He loved the farm life.  He chased rats in the barn and would finish them off.

He was dropped by a guest at our house so he was never one to enjoy being carried.  He and I would go for walks on our farm and down the road.  When he walked fast he would skip one foot up.  When he was fed sometimes he would split his kibble exactly in save for later.

Sadly he ate a mouse or rat that had been poisoned ..and he did not survive.

This is a little sculpy type material rendition of Toby made by me.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Thoughts on Fire and Ice

The month of February brings back memories of a frozen butt and the first meeting of the man that would become my husband.  I was seventeen and I was approached by his sister.  She asked if I wanted to go out with him at the dance following the basketball game.  He was a senior but also worked hard on his family dairy.  The winter that bit my butt was the following year 1979.  I had longjohns on but I leaned against the cold cement block dairy barn  wall.  My butt went numb so I knew not to remove it from the wall!  I was leaning against the wall while my boyfriend milked his cows.  Luckily it now longer bothers me.   Frostbite is permanent, or so I thought- I guess I have dressed warmly enough not to notice. This weather here today in Ny reminds me of my frosted butt.

Because of the years that I intensely went to Mass, February makes me think of the Blessing of the Throats, (St Blaze) and Candlemass(Fire) Feb 2- blessing of the candles.  There is also St Brigit Feb 1.  She is a saint who is popular with non Christians as well...(Imbolc pagan festival is the same date as her feast.)  Some say she is a christianized goddess.  I think that is remarkable that she belongs to everybody.  Candlemas is the half-way point of winter.    It also commemorates Jesus being brought to the temple as a little babe to be consecrated.

Darn, I forgot to put the milking machines in this sketch!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Monkey Memoir

About two weeks ago I had a dream in the early morning waking hours to make some rhesus monkeys.  When I was a little girl my mother referred to the statue below and said that it was our family.  My little sister had not been adopted yet, so I was under eight years old. There are four monkeys huddling asleep.  I was the youngest so I was represented by the little one with its head down on the far right of the picture.
 She instructed me that we were animals.  We did not attend any church and I imagined she fashioned herself a Darwinian.

I was crazy about stuffed animals and these were part of my collection.

I think that the rhesus monkey is used for studies because it closely resembles humans.  These are to two that I made.  They are a little rough.  Mother and child.  I think it is sad that they are used for studies.  Science has them to credit for vaccinations, etc.  I think we owe a big thanks to the monkey!
They hang out at Tibetan Temples, so I discovered with my searches.

Below is monkey kitsch.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meet Leah

This is a doll I made for a person in my family.  She named her Leah.  I still need to create some bloomers for her.

Her hair is sheep's wool which I got at the fiber fest last fall.  I made her dress with a pattern I made from newspaper.  I had a good inkling of the shapes of the pieces from making dresses for my daughter years ago.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Keep It Simple- Especially in Court

One of  the absolute most miserable moments of my life occurred in June of 2013.  This came to mind because I am doing a stitchery project.  I was manic most of 2013- (or that is the label that "experts" gave my behavior.)  Because of several misunderstandings I was characterized as a potential killer.  I hate guns and would never buy one buy many were certain I was going to get a gun and start shooting.  I had a list of people with actions that was found in my home.  People were convinced I had created a hit list.  My delusion was that I was immortal.  The list was of people who had killed me and I had recovered from their actions via time looping.

I was in court in June of 2013.  My son wanted an order of protection against me.  I wanted to have counseling or some kind of contact.  I love my son and his wife and when the judge issued a YEAR long order of protection, I said, " The Karmic wheel goes round and round, you'll get yours."  I was in a mental state.  I was thinking that people know what certain words mean.  I imagine that the judge interpreted my words was as such, "I will get you."  All I meant was "Hey you are really dumping on a lonely mentally ill woman and you will reap what you sew. (It will come back to you.)  Guess what world, I don't have my hand on the Karmic wheel dishing out fate.  If you are ever in court, please keep it simple. No cross cultural ideas or references.  Hindu?  No way!  I was accused of threatening the judge and was sent to a state facility for two months--that is long enough to prove I was not dangerous.

My son and I are now reconciled.  Things are pretty good again, I would say.  The kids are still becoming accustomed to a mother with novel ideas.  Baby steps.

I am not violent and never have been or will be.  When thoughts, feelings and actions occur between a mother and child it matters not whether the child is 2 months, 10 years or 30 years.  The bond between mother and child is a holy connection.

My stitchery is inspired by Freida Kahlo.  She would put her image in the place of or combined with the Virgin Mary motif.  I have done the same with my son and I, Mother and Child.  I am going to study some Super Nova imagery to go in the back ground. Stitchery is n ancient form of art, usually done by women.

reference shot (Did I say "shot"  I mean photo!)  My baby is anonymous. 

Oh, by the way...judges in court are looking for a way to seriously NAIL you.  Best to keep ones mouth shut..

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lions, Lions and more Lions

When I was a little girl my friend and I went through a "stage".  She was the one with all the confidence and thus she was the leader, so she started it.  (When I was ill in 2013 I severely offended this old friend.  We had not reconnected with any great enthusiasm prior to that, anyway).  The stage we went through was the Lion stage. We knew the song Born Free from the television show about lions.  We talked lions all the time and it was a major focus.

This is Christmas 1970.  The grey plastic container is a house for a lion family- which they are in.

I even dreamt about lions.  I can recall the dream I had--credits rolling at the end of a movie which starred lions.  My mother gave me a white lion when I was a teenager.  I destroyed it in 2013.  

I was ill with my bipolar and purchased a lion in a hospital gift shop in 1994.  By then I was Christian and associated Jesus with the lion  as in the Chronicles of Narnia.  Symbolism.  Sometimes while psycho I thought I was Jesus' counterpart.  There is a mental frequency people with these sensitivities get that makes us  think that we are God.  I certainly don't believe that I am God at present.

This is a replacement for myself as I gave the other on to my daughter.

My daughter was born under the sign of Leo.  My son was almost born during the Leonids Meteor shower.

Sometimes spirits reveal themselves in random images...this is a lion which I saw on my soap in 2012.
Heraldry  is just wild about the Lion.

"Leo"nard Cohen is my favorite musician.

I Had to Have a Francie Doll--1969

Once upon a time in the little village of Clifton Spring were two little eight year old girls named Amy.  They lived next door to each other.  One was the Telephone Company Princess and the other was the daughter of a doctor.  The Telephone Princess Amy brought her doll with her to play at Amy 2's house.  The doll's name was Francie.  When the little princess's were picking up their toys at the end of the play date, Francie was nowhere to be found.  (that is what Amy 2 said, but in actuality the doll was under the bed).  The next day Amy 1 (telephone princess) brought the Telephone Queen with her to get the Francie doll.

The Dr.'s Daughter Princess became ill and received her own Francie doll as a get well present.   And the two girls lived happily after, no longer friends.

Francie was a spin-off doll from the Barbie company.  I don't recall much about receiving Barbies- which I am sure I did.

I believe names have vibrations and I would not be surprised if the Francie doll rang with my obsession with animals, especially pets.  St. Frances of Assisi is the Saint that is associated with animals.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jennie the Angel

This looks like a dog.   She isn't a dog at all.  God sent an Angel disguised as a dog into my life in 1972.  I had her in my life for seventeen years.  I believe that I might have blogged about her in the distant past.  She was Zen-like, sort of like what they say about Winnie the Pooh.  She did not save my life in any obvious way, just very subtly.    The feeling first came over me when we had just gotten her and I recall it over all these years.  She was laying on our purple couch sleeping.  I looked at her and I had this intense feeling come out of my heart center(I was twelve).  I don't think that I felt anything like that until my children were born.  There were a few times I sent mental messages to her and she responded.  You can see in this portrait that she knows well what is going on with that little black box in my hand...I miss her so!

PS:  She was a Beagle -Schnauzer mix.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Poppet Show on my Art Blog

Hello, my name is King Arthur and I would like to invite you to check out Amesascribbles .  That is Amy's Art blog and she is sharing her latest manifestations of people in her life.  The earlier works are being displayed at Main Street Arts in Clifon Springs for two months.