Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pet Karma-The Cat with the Hematoma

We had a pet cat Garth for several years in the nineteen seventies.  One morning he disappeared.  My sister believes it was because he was put in the cellar to live for the winter.  My mother would make arbitrary decisions about our pets sometimes and there was nothing we could do.  I think Garth had another reason to take off.  When he disappeared, the first day, I said to my girlfriend, Anne, "He will never be back."

He never returned.  Some time prior to his disappearance my father Fred and I had attempted a procedure on him.  My father (bless his soul) noticed that Garth had a large lump on his side.  Our house was being built and Dad figured that Garth had fallen off the scaffolding  and failed to land on his feet.  The lump was a hematoma or a collection of blood under the skin.  Dad decided he was going to drain the hematoma with a needle and plastic bag.  He brought supplies home from the hospital where he worked as Medical director and staff physician.  I assisted him.  This was probably my first time that I played the role of nurse.
I tried to help hold Garth still and my father inserted the needle.  Garth took off immediately and No blood ever came out into the tubing.  Garth probably decided at that moment that he would never let another procedure be done on  in the kitchen on the butcher block countertop.  No harm was meant to him, Dad thought he could fix the situation.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Favorite Actor-Ralph Fiennes

The past few years I have journeyed into my own consciousness.  During this journey, over a year ago, I frightened people.  I was never a danger to anyone, but I took on the role of characters which talked about scary things such as mind control.   I don't think or behave bizarrely anymore, the storm is over.  During the bizarre time and after, I developed a interest in a certain actor.  I watched every movie of his available on Netflix.

 I watched his entire career that was available to me. I never thought that much of actors.  I just never gave it a thought.  When I was in college I learned that "taking the role of the other" is essential for human growth and development.  Ralph Fiennes' career is explores the human condition extraordinarily.  He plays a three generation  of  characters who are Jewish in several(Sunshine) wars.  He plays the Nazi in Schindlers list, and The Reader.  He  plays the voice of Jesus in The Miracle worker.  The is Voldemort to balance that.   Spider was an amazing movie about a psychotic child. The Constant Gardner is about international business and the people it victimizes.

Please note that the combination of opposites equals divinity.  Mr. Ralph is in the collective consciousness as many forms of opposites joined together through his being.

 It is difficult to make a list of his movies and do any credit to them.  If any of my readers have Netflix I suggest ordering his movies and take the time to appreciate an amazing actor with a seriously meaningful career.The roles he has chosen are a full exploration of human archetypes and human experience.   I vote for him to be knighted.  His movies have a message and he really knows how to take on a role.  He speaks and acts in Russian, too!

Addendum:  May 24, 2015   I have in the future of this blog post morphed myself into the "Forest Queen"  It is with this power that I hereby knight Ralph Fiennes.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sabina the Guinea Pig

When I was 10 or eleven I was permitted to have a guinea pig.  When I got Sabina I did not know that she was expecting.  I came down in the morning to feed her and there was a little miniature with her.  Unlike gerbils and mice and rabbits a guinea pig is fully furred and able to run around the cage a short while after birth.  I was very excited.  Sabina was a good friend.  She would shriek when she heard the refrigerator door open.  She was looking for a hand out of celery.  I learned that there are certain greens not allowed with guinea pigs.  Spinach and rhubarb will make them sick and could kill them.

I recall that my Mom and I found Sabina a new home.  The new family had her for years.