Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Psychiatric and the Spiritual

How does the paranormal relate to psychiatric phenomena?  In the movie the Witches of Eastwick, and other movies as well, the goal of some human spirits is to influence and cause mental instability in others.  Prior to modern science, mental illness was sometimes seen as demonic possession.  I have heard, when people discuss others with psychiatric challenges, it said of that person, "she is wrestling with her demons".  Humanity is very divided, those who believe in God and those who believe in science.  I used to say, as I had been taught by the Roman Catholics, that science and god are not at odds.  In the psychiatric situation the religious people would have different views.  Some would still attribute mental illness to possession.  I know because I heard that some said that about my behavior one year ago.  Other religious people would put a big world, like "schizophrenia" or "bipolar" thus making the ailment scientific not spiritual in their minds.

For something to be scientific, it must be figured out.  Cause and effect.  The scientific community explanation is "its a chemical imbalance".  Chemicals in the body are all about charges, ions and such.  I would say it is an electrical misfiring because of the chemistry.  Why?  I know from my independent studies about qi, the body flow of energy through the mind and body.  The scientists and medical community don't really have an explanation that really explains.  They only know the effect, not the cause.

Spirits are a form of energy.  There are special ghost machines that register charges. Electrical charges.... Scientist demand a visual and in the world of spirits that is not always possible.I wonder about psychiatry, they cling to their "scientific viewpoint" which really has no proof.   There needs to be some serious blending between the different aspects of our reality.  I wonder about other cultures.  Are there avenues of understanding between the spiritual world, psychiatric and  the medical worlds?

In  How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides Ted warns people of not being ready to undertake communication with spirits and I wonder if he means psychiatric problems could result.

Was I possessed last year?  I might have been "channeling" some sort of spiritual energy.  I took down my outrageous Youtube videos, because I can bear to look at them and I want to portray myself as a sane person in this world.  I actively sought out the company of a childhood friend who had been murdered and perceived him to communicate with me.   'Tis a mystery.

Will the scientific world continue to have a hold on sophistication with fancy terms and labels?  Will the scientific community realize that there is a science with charges and energies of spirits?  I know that people have an individual frequency, will that be wedded with the spirit?  Will the spiritual gain any credibility?  Will science and religion be reconciled or have they already in some arenas?


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