Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another World repost from May 2014

While in the hospital last summer(2013), once I had gotten settled in, I started to write.  The delusion that was prominent in my mind was that I was an immortal spirit being, and I set about recording the details.

I believe that I had been killed many times but the killings were ineffective.  I would not realize that I had been killed, just wake up the next day in my bed as if nothing happened.  There was not a system to my evading death.  Sometimes I would shape-shift out of the event, as with the deer on the bluff at Keuka Lake, another time I would wake up and play the previous day over and have it be minus the attack on me.  I had at least a dozen of these events which emerged from fabricated memories and I wrote them down.  While I was home I wrote down a few words for each instance in preparation for writing.  It was a "hit-by list"  but to my family it appeared as if I had a hit list.  I was very misunderstood.  People in my family feared to approach me and assumed the worst about my errant mind.

I believed that I was a MK Ultra subject and that I had been given radioactivity all my life and that this treatment had made me immortal and able to loop in time.  I believed that I was the kidnapped child from a prominent religious figure (Pope John XXIII) .  In my mental state I believed that I was a prominent figure in a secret world history.  I thought that because I was able to time loop, and evade death that the government was watching and studying me.  In collusion with the government was the secret society, the Illuminati.   I perceived that all my friends were insincere and paid to interact with me.  I thought my children were mind controlled via radio waves and hypnosis.

I have my chronicles in a box somewhere, yet to be unpacked.

This is me, age twelve after shape shifting out of death with a deer-so I recalled.  I think that idea was stolen from Harry Potter.  I believed me and my family to have been the inspiration for the Harry Potter series.  'Twas all my fantastic delusion, of course.  (Or is it?)

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