Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Queen Cats

In the late 1960's my family acquired Mio.   Mio came of age, was bred and had four kittens, one of which was Sybil.  I was about eight years old.  Mio was my Siamese kitty and Sybil was my sisters.  The other three kittens were given away.  We did not know that in Ancient Egypt cats were considered divine.  Sybil and Mio might have known though.  My sister and I had an activity we would do with the cats.  We would take an oversize book and make it be a platform in our arms.  The cats would sit or crouch on the  book while we walked them around the house.  They behaved like divine royalty and we were their subjects.

Mio, sadly, was hit by a car at a young age.  Sybil lived for many years.  This is me with Mio.

Jonah the Siamese Cat

Jonah joined our family in 1971.  It was the year prior to the big flood in the fingerlakes.  My father named him.  My father liked to name our pets after characters in the bible.  I do not recall Jonah being swallowed up by a carp and  spit out during the storms of 1972, though!  Jonah was a Siamese cat.  We had Jonah for many many years.  I was the only person who ever mentioned it, but I thought Jonah had facial features that resembled Roddy McDowel.

We spent entire summers at our cottage on Keuka Lake.  At the end of one summer after we packed the station wagon all up, Jonah was nowhere to be found.  He was left alone at Keuka Lake with no family for two weeks.  I am pretty sure that we left food out.  We had family friends that lived about a half mile south from us on the bluff.  I was visiting my girl friend there and out of the woods walks Jonah.  I know we had never brought Jonah to our friends house, but he knew where he might find us.

He had spent the two weeks on his own and he was eager to show off his survival skills.  He jumped up into the air and caught a dragon fly and ate it.  He had also become quite the fisherman, able to catch minnows out of the lake.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apollo the Python

Snakes get a bad rap.  The Western world has their imagery all tied up with the Satan due to the story of the Garden of Eden.  Back in 2004 I purchased a python and named him Apollo.  He was just a baby and I had it for several months.  When I was in the pet store I just loved the way he curled up in my hand.  It was as though he enchanted me.  I purchased him impulsively.

When  I was away and he escaped from his aquarium and my son spoke to me about it on the telephone.  I said, "check behind the bookcase."  I just knew instinctively where he was.  I was correct, he had squeezed himself into a tight spot. He was about an inch wide at his widest area and about 18 inches long.

 I did not realize when I purchased him that I was to check for parasites.  After a while the parasites multiplied and I could not deal with it.  They were little black beetles, similar to a flea but without the jump.  Luckily the pet store took him back.  I fed him mice and sometimes the mouse would hop around in the tank for weeks waiting for him to get hungry.  That was not fun for me.

The snake is a symbol of life.  There is the Ouroboros.(Snake eating its own tale.)  The wiki article tells how that is symbolic of self reflexivity.  The Egyptians use it in their mythology as well as does the Hindu religion.  Shiva is adorned with snakes on his arms and on his head.

Pet Karma--I was good to my little Apollo, but could not stay the course.  I would imagine I have some pet-debt.  I enjoy the species and appreciate them in the wild.  My grandson was bitten by a garter snake a few years ago on his toe.  I had not made a come to think of it.....that might be biblical- about the sins of one generation visiting the next.

Toad King Arthur, My Friend

Yes, there was some negative Karma incurred with some of our pet relationships(read previous blog entry).  But, on the other hand the pets in our family were like mythological creatures.  My mother named King Arthur for me and I dutifully cared for him.  I recall during the winter months going to the Mall and purchasing meal worms to feed him.  These were stored in the refrigerator and wiggled on the end of a toothpick.  A toad needs to see movement  to know that something is edible.  Toads have the most amazing irises.  They are golden.  My toad never gave me warts or secreted any poison.  He would pee on my hand.  King Arthur and I had a bond.  No, I did not enjoy the toad piss!!

Eventually we moved and he had free run of a green house.  The next year he was let out free in the yard.  My father placed a bug zapper in the yard.  ( I think that a bug zapper is an abomination).  King Arthur hung around under the zapper waiting for the bugs to fall.

Funny how my mother named him King Arthur because King Arthur was a king or prince with great principles.  To name a toad such, in light of the fairy tale of The Frog Prince is sort of in a round about way saying that even princes are toads.....All men are toads?  Is that what you were getting at? Mom?

Pet Karma

Part of my mental journey of last year was a leap into the past.  When I was a youngster I was allowed most any pet I desired.  At times the pet might not have the nicest life...notably the little father mouse who was put into the cellar and went blind.  My mental journey was about acknowledging my wrong doing to some of these little creatures.  Even as little children there are Karmic consequences to our lack of responsibility or fulfillment of duty.  I spent a few days or weeks reviewing the different relationships and the lives of the sentient creatures in my care.  They were not all from childhood.  As an adult I still have had challenges.  I recently had to return my dog to the shelter as the apartment complex would not allow him.

Bonnie was my parents first dog and was part of the family when I was born.  She was a bull terrier as was Maud.

I got Jenny when I was 12 and had her for 17 years.  She was a jin or a guiding angel spirit dog.

My mother named King Arthur the toad I brought in from the wild.  I kept him in a terrarium for several years and fed him meal worms bought at the pet store(during the winter)  Earth worms were the diet of choice the rest of the year. The guppy was kept in a plexiglas cube.

The mice were a lesson in mammalian reproduction.  I left the father in the basement and eventually he became blind.  My father and I flushed him down the toilet. :-/  We were surprised by the presence of the newborn guinea pig.

Arthur ate the chameleon .  Sybil lived for many years

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Apartment life and Bicycling

My apartment has a rule- no Bikes in the hallway.  I have to store my bike in the basement of the building.

Today, I was lucky enough to have driven though wet cow manure which made the experience a little more interesting.  The local farmer near the apartment complex was spreading his manure and it slopped onto the road and I drove through a few spots.

The bike with the cow manure,

must be carried down the stairs after the ride, and up prior.

The lock must be opened to put away the bike and get it out.  Reading glasses needed!

The stall for the bike, among stored items.

The new bike rack.  I had to buy a cross bar adapter for my girl bike on Amazon.

The Apartment

 The upper balcony is mine.

 This is the front door. I have rented the back right upper apartment.

This grassy area is the view, alas it is also a building site for more units this summer.