Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stranger Things Personal Review

I am watching Stranger Things on Netflix.  It is about mk ultra and different dimensions.  I enjoy watching it as I believe and have believed since 2014 that I am a part of the MK ULTra studies.

What about the series did I find correlated with my real experience?  One of the main characters, Mike has the physical facial features of my gal pal Amelia had as a child. same nose, eyes and mouth and mannerisms.

When I was out there in my mind in 2016, experiencing another dimension, my garage was slimed.  Not a huge area, just a few siding tiles had this strange goop on them.

  I see things in my closed eye vision, phosphenes, they are called.  Last night I wore my emf silver band around my head and had many more dreams than usual and I experienced phosphenic visions while awaking.  I had not experienced them in a while.

Unlike the story, I don't see monsters in the other dimension.  I see angles and demons and the demons are not evil, they are spirit manifestations that are good to me.  I see another dimension as being good and the shadow dimension is more what are reality is.  After all, all our human inventions are killing the planet, what is more shadow than that?

But,  will say that the monsters in the series were similar to my vampire cat episode in my life.  The vampire cat wanted to suck blood from a half dead chicken and was disappointed when it was cooked. The vampire cat story is another blog entry.
Steiff animals played a role in my early life as they did in Amelia's life as in the movie, especially the lion and the spotted leopard.  They are German and the Germans are a part of mk ultra.

The white cat was  used in the series, the little girl is supposed to be taught to hurt the cat with mind energy.  The white cat was a lure to the little girls murders in the alphabet murder event which occured here in the Rochester and Finger Lakes.

I enjoy seeing the products used in the early eighties and the actors are somewhat annoying.  Wynona Ryder over acts but that must be the effect the directors wanted as in the series twin peaks. (other directors).

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Halloween Cactus

My mother made this planter and I was given a christmas cactus in 2002 by my son for my birthday.  It was a Thanksgiving bloomer but this remnant cutting is blooming earlier this year...could be a sign of global warming!  I painted  the awakened eyes on the planter

I was afraid that the blossoms would fall off if the lighting changed when I brought it in, but they did not.  I brought it in due to fear of frost.

The Best Pizza in PennYan

There are different types of pizzas to be had in Penn Yan New York.  There is Cam's New York style pizza, Mark's Pizza, Pizza Hut and Silver Bird.  I had pizza in New York City in the oldest brick oven Pizzeria in the country, Lombardi's in 2003.  The closest that I have ever come to that experience is Silverbird.   There is a brick oven pizzaria in Victor, NY, Luca' that is also very good...but we are talking about Penn Yan pizzas.  I was told though that thicker dough is New york style, but when I personally recall Pizza that I have eaten in NYC I think of old world style.  I have eaten pizza at all the listed restaurants in Penn Yan, and my favorite restaurant is Silver Bird Woodfired.  I would post a link, but have not figured out how to link with a tablet.

My grandson loved chewing on the crust, and we had a great discussion about babies and allowing them to learn to navigate the skill of chewing.    A 12 month olds needs to learn about taking appropriate bites and to police to strictly out of fear of choking is doing them a disservice.    I recall giving my babies zweibeck toast, which also softened in their mouths like pizza crust.   These days the trend in baby feeding is to  mince their foods into teeny tiny pieces which I believe is a sign of people who live in a culture of fear.  Trust that your baby has the instinct to eat without choking.  If they gag a bit then they will take smaller bites.  The real dangers of choking lie in foods like peanuts, and grapes which might lodge in a wind pipe, or foods such as marshmallows.  This is a tangential conversation, though, as the topic of this blog entry is the best Pizza in Penn Yan.  My one year old grandson votes with me as he just loved the crust at Silverbird.  I took a bite out of this piece, you can see my teeth marks.  (not too photogenic)  This pizza is called the Phoenix and it has feta cheese and olives, basil and balsamic vinegar.  The service was good, and usually is.  Friday evening is pretty busy there.  There are old fashioned games to play, like a bowling game from the `1940's.  There is a bar and so you can accompany your piece of pizza with a glass of wine, if you like.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

is Leo a Maine Coon Cat?

I first thought that my little kitten was a Turkish Angora, but a friend took one look at him and said, "He looks like he has some Maine coon cat in him"  I had thought that maine coon cats were always raccoon colors, but Leo's coloring is a Cream mackerel which is one of the three most common Maine coon colors.  His behavior is similar to Maine coon cat traits.  He likes water and he makes more trilling noises than meows.  His fur is ultra soft.  He has tufted feet and they are big.  He is a very big five month old kitten.
He could be a regular old domestic longhair, or a moggie, but I think he has coon cat in him.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Information Sharing About the Medium Drama

Dear Cindy.  (email of April 7, 2017)
I know you that you are busy, perhaps you have not had time to call me.  I am a mystic as well as you and my temporary insanity of the last few month does not diminish me.  In fact, fluid states of consciousness such as what I periodically experience, can be very authentic in the realm of channeling (as with little children).  My three year old granddaughter is telepathic with me.  I am sad that you disregard me as I have not done the same with you.

Sincerely,  Amy Brandlin ( the lady with the little poppets)

I thought just for the sake of information sharing, that my listening audience on my blog should read the email I wrote to Cindy Newcomb Lane.  Does this letter sound like I was looking for anything other than a validating interaction with Cindy?  I wanted to connect as a fellow mystic, nothing more.  I was only attention seeking as a fellow seer seeks to share experiences.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My Mental Affair with Ralph Fiennes

Has anyone ever fallen in love with a movie star?  That happened to me a few years back with Ralph Fiennes. I am a member of a face book fan club and I see women doing exactly what I did...that is doing sketches of him and watching all his movies.   I see in them what I saw in myself.  I think it is a sad thing when people are so lonely that they invent relationships with movie stars.  But, on the other hand, for me it was a useful coping tool.  Thinking and imagining about Ralph go me through a tough time..

I am now back to work and do more constructive things with my energies, but I will always remember those days when it was me and Ralph......even if it was all in my head.

All My Best to Cindy and Mark

I have been accused of fanning the flames and bashing a reputable business.  I just shared that the business was not interested in interacting with me as I was mentally off and that the business owners son ripped me off.  I did try to settle it with him and he laughed as said, "go ahead write a bad review of me, I don't care."  I am sure that Cindy at Ravens landings has not suffered one iota from my bad review.  It was just the first time I ever experienced being discriminated against and I wanted to share what it was like.  I did not want something for nothing.  I was a lonely mentally ill person looking to connect.  When I experience talking to the dead, I get classified as crazy, when other people experience it they become rich.  Cindy could have responded to my email with a response such as this.

"Amy, when you came into my establishment I felt concern for your mental state.  I am a very busy professional and I cannot take the time you need for free.  Get better and stop in a few months and I will give you small discount because my assistant said you have no funds. I wish you the best on your journey back to wellness".

Or perhaps,
"Amy, you seem to be in receipt of energies which I am not comfortable with.  At this time I cannot assist you.  Your little poppets are a bit to witchy for my tastes, but I am sure you mean well with them.  Good luck with your art."

If Cindy prides herself on being a reputable business she should treat all humans with respect and loving kindness.  Loving Kindness is a great treasure to be able to bestow on people and people appreciate validation.  I am just explaining how my personality is not a fan the flame, it is more of the teacher, educator. healer, type.

Mark, did not have to accuse me of being a narcissist.  That was an insult.  I told them they were only human in their failings and in response I was told I was still very sick and full of bad energy.  Mark, a former cna, insulted me about my nursing as well.  That is fanning the flames.  Mark, since terminology means so much to you let me tell you, it is not all about status.  The term secretary is not insulting to most of the population.  It is just your desire for social status that is making you react that way.  Status is not what life is all about.  Being kind is very important and you know as well as I do that you and Cindy where laughing about me when you went in and spoke to her and promised she would call me.  That was not kind.

I do not doubt that Cindy helps many people, just not ones who put her out of her comfort zone.  She likes to help normal people, I am thinking.  But if she is going to be choosey that something like this could happen to her again...I guess not, not many women up north blog.   Anyway, Cindy implied my publicity was helpful for business.  I even had a passing thought if she would give me a ten percent discount as she promised to all who mentioned reading the blog.  I just related my experience, was not bashing.  I am a person who is filled with loving kindness and I can even bestow my good healing energies on Cindy and Mark.  Bless your hearts, like Mark said.