Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Birds and Bees Declining

I noticed fewer birds at my feeder the past few years, especially this year.  I read up on it and here's the scoop.  National Geographic.

It is very important to keep ones cats indoors, they are a menace.  My cat stays in all the time.  What about the lowly insect?  I have seen fewer ants and butterflies, bees, and bumbles as well. This is very depressing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Musings and Happenings

I continue to dream about my parents, nearly every night.  I dreamt about my father this morning.  We were by the lake.   When we sold our cottage he and I went down to the site the day before closing to do a final check.  That was one of the saddest days of my life, saying good bye to that lovely beach home in 1978.  It marked to true end of my childhood.

I joined the gym and worked out for over a half an hour yesterday.  Today I interviewed at a Comfort Home, hoping to become a hospice volunteer.  I filled out the application.  I was forthright about my mental health issues.

I saw a movie at the Little, November.  It was a very strange movie.  I believe it was made in Estonia.   We ate at Sinbads, afterward, and I ate way to much.  It was as if the pig spirit in the movie had possessed me!  I really enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.  When I got home I imagined that I had wolfed down the meal, quite unmannerly.  The movie must have stirred the misty swamp of my unconsciousness...the pig in me!  I am too well medicated to give a lengthy analytic review.

When I was driving to the gym I saw an older cat that looked just like my Leo.  It could have been his parent cat.

There is a snow storm coming tonight, hopefully I will be out of range of the worst snowfall.  If not, shoveling will be tomorrow's exercise.  Today, I walked to Byrne dairy to get my milk in glass bottles.

I have been working on my postural alignment.  I have been advised that my shoulders are out of alignment and to remind myself five times a day to bring back and down my shoulders.  I may not be a master of anything, but I can still stand tall.  I have come through a lot these past two years and am doing alright.  Thankfully, I have good friends.

I have started attending Mass again, as it is good to incorporate ritual into ones life and the Roman Catholics are very good at providing that.  Jesus and I are not at odds at this point.  He taught quite the lesson over the past few months!

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Yay!  I don't have cancer...............the results of my biopsy were unremarkable.....YES!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tetrachlorovinphas vs Selamectin

My roommate is out of town and I am responsible for her cat.  We have different approaches to flea control.  She uses a hartz flea collar because it has worked for her in her home years ago as a child and it is cheaper.  I use revolution as i have had bad experiences with flea collars.  I lost a dog due to toxicity from a collar, he died right after I put it on him.  I dont like the idea of cancer causing chemicals entering my body everytime I  touch her cat.  These collars either emit toxic gases or they penetrate the animals fur and oils.  The revolution method has a chemical as well, which enters the pets bloodstream and kills the flea after it injests the blood of the host.  Her cat needs attention while she is away and I am not going to pet her if she wears the collar.  I will have to ban her from my bedroom as well, as I dont like the idea of toxic chemicals on my bed.  I received two free months worth of revolution and am willing to share.

She believes revolution to be ineffective as Leo continued to scratch, when her child did not.  I was lax on putting it on in time.  I wish we could approach this problem from the same angle.  Her cat wearing a toxic collar in my house defeats the purpose of me dosing my Leo with an expensive product as her toxins are in my environment.  It is my home and it is laced with tetrachlorovinphas.  I am in the middle of a cancer health scare and I don't appreciate the fact that she is adamant her cat wear pesticides.  We dutifully rinse our produce before we eat yet we bring in chemicals on a pet to lace our hands with and injest tetrachlorovinphas?  It does not make sense.

I believe that topicals from the veterinarian are a more enviromentally sound and less cancer causing option .  She believes that the toxic collars of the past are good enough.  I am sad for her Caliopee as I will no longer touch her or let her on my bed if she wears the collar.  That is a sad situation for her as she already is in trauma from abandoment issues.

I have purchased a flea trap to set around an assess the extent of our infestation.  Daily vaccumming is also a very good strategy.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

More Dreams

When I dream about my dead relation I believe it is a visit from another dimension.  As you recall the other day I saw my living sister tell me that my father would not sign a birthday card (in a dream).  Last night I saw my father, we were driving in a car.  He was sitting in the passenger seat in front.  I asked him from the backseat, if he was really angry with me and I explained what I had done.  He did not answer in the dream.  The fact that he came to me in a dream proves that he and I are on good terms.  My mother was also seen in a dream, about a cat I had brought home to her.  It was male and she did not want to keep it.  So she visited me last night as well.  I would bet my father travels with me when I drive.  

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Name popped into my head and this is what I found

todo lo que has
hecho con amor,
desinteres y
sinceridad regresa a
ti con mayor
No importat come te
pagan los demas, la
recompensa viene
de arriba y no llena
tu ego sino tu

what you have done with love, selflessness and sincerety returns to you with higher proportion not important, as pay you others. The recompense comes up and wont fill your ego but your heart.

I was readying myself for a bath and the name Consuella Montenegro came into my mind.  I had never heard this name before so I searched it and this was on her face book page.  I am trying to figure out the meaning.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Dream Message

I had a sad dream.  My sister came to me and said, "Happy Birthday, here is a card, I tried to get Dad to sign  it but he would not."  My father died in 2014. It is not my birthday, but yesterday was my grandmothers birthday and death day.   I guess this might be a message from the other side that he is not happy with me.  I know he was not a perfect person, and neither am I and it saddens me that we are not on good terms.  I try to make ammends when I screw up a relationship.  Lately I have not been having good luck.  That is why I wrote about being a pariah of sorts.  I also had a dream about green rope, and it was in full color.  What does green rope mean?  Green means money and also green means "GO".  Green rope could mean some kind of rescue money.  Dad left me money, perhaps I did not use it right and the green rope might be a clue about that.  What does an anagram of "green rope" spell?  I dont care to see! And I doubt if it matters.
Green rope is a customer relationship management company which I had never heard of.  Green also means ecofriendly.