Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday Night Self Portraits

I have not sketched in months!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I Touched a Bunny

I was in my garden removing the poke weed and other poisonous plants when I came upon a baby rabbit.  I was unsure if it was in good health as it had not fled upon hearing my footsteps.  I reached out and touched it and said, "Are you okay?" where upon it darted  under the rose bushes.

Mother rabbit must be quite appreciative that I risked jail time to give her and her litter a home.  In college I was taught that in addition to the horrors of racism that there is also a societal affliction called "species -ism".  The rabbits in the neighborhood must gather together and share that "our lives matter as well."  They must be distraught about these humans and there self centered views..  I am especially interested if humans are reincarnated to animals to be taught a lesson about self importance.

I am not a criminal, so I will have to follow the human's directive to mow down the grass, even though doing so will destroy a haven for the little rabbits.  Interestingly the rabbits have not eaten my tomatoes, basil, parsley or sunflowers.  The have enough grass I suppose.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Beaten into Lawn Submission

The conformists have beaten me with their desire for my lawn to match theirs.  Someone called the code officer after the party with all the wild animals and birds in my yard.  I got a letter today which was quite dishonest.  It claimed my front lawn as well as the back was out of conformance to code.  I have mowed the front within the last three weeks and it is not over ten inches.  I was saddened to see that code officers exaggerate claims.  The law is to be honored and respected but when they lie, they lose my respect.  I have tomatoes and parsley, basil, sunflowers and some wildflowers in my attempt at a garden in the back yard.  These lawn enforcers
cannot just march in here and plow down my garden with a mower.  I called and emailed pictures to prove that my lawn was not over ten inches and I mowed the front and the back where I could.   The back will need a weed wacking.  My son has promised to do such tomorrow.  The code officer threatened me with fines and jail time.  JAIL TIME.

I wrote in my email that the planet is dying because of all these motors and that the survivors will most certainly have a greater respect for a more naturalized look.  There will be a day of reconning for people who fail to love and respect the natural world.  Weeds are often healing herbs and can be quite beautiful.  I will share a photo of Queen Annes Lace in the morning when it is light out .....on their dying day.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Blue Jay Tune

This is an example of my ballad style.  I just belt out a song.  It is really difficult as one must think of the tune and words and have it make sense.


In our family there are different types of thinking patterns.  I am a person who thinks in abstractions and possibilities.  While I was off of my thought control medication I could improvise songs about myself and our family.  I became a ballad singer.  When I got my shut up shot my creativity was stifled somewhat.  I can still rattle off an improvised ballad but much to the consternation and disapproval of my daughter.

She was always very intelligent as a child and a baby but she is very conformist.  This conformity is based on a sense of shame over my bipolar.  The other family, my ex's, are very much a group of "what would the neighbors think" type of folks.  I am comfortable being different as I have had no choice.

I believe that my family poisoned me and caused me to hallucinate and therefore lose my credibility and spontaneous spirit.  When medicated a person cannot come back with a quick comment.  I was dulled down and given a phoney diagnosis because members of my family did not like me.

When I sang my spontaneous song about my daughter's family a quick "stop that now" response ensued.  Her response to  my innocent harmless creative spirit proves that I am a victim.  I don't believe she consciously victimizes me, she is an innocent piece of molded clay by the people who have felt threatened by my outspoken bold spirit.   She has been dutifully molded by my ex-inlaws.  She is a conformist like them, marching in full step with them.

The amazing thing is that she does not perceive herself as a conformist, but she most certainly is.  My singing is a harmless expression.  She sang her American states song, not an original and that was an example of allowed behavior.  "Don't be original Mom, I cannot tolerate that.   This is how to sing."

She is very intelligent, but her psychic wings are voluntarily clipped and her imagination clouded.

One might say, "she has been terrorized by your illness."  I have never done anything violent while ill, only with my personal art.  I am not a dangerous person,  I call myself a Ghandi girl.  The true terrorists are those who hate me and have poisoned her mind with negative possibilities and perceptions.  True, I am not myself when having tripping flash backs, and withdrawal symptoms but I am not violent and do not need to be scolded not to sing freely.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Snow White Missed the Party in my Backyard

My naturalized garden in the back yard is delighting me immeasurably.  While I sat a distance away I watched many birds and small mammals at the feeder.  Here is the list.  Mr Jay warned of Mr. Raven passing overhead.  Ms Rabbit liked the long grass and the large dandelion leaf.  The mourning doves were shy and waited on the roof top.  The family of sparrows (five or six) came in with a flurry after I said, where are all the sparrows.  Mr. Chickadee was alone.  The Jay couple came in turns multiple times (feeding babies in the cedars near by, I imagine.) A couple of youthful squirrels bounced in and thought that they could fool me by hiding behind their tales.  The cardinal sang to us and came in for some bites.  The tiny chipping sparrow hung around. The squirrels and the rabbit were totally comfortable nearby each other.  There was not much quarrelling or greediness noted.     I thought I had ten total,but I can only come up with nine.

Where was Snow White in this scene?  Luckily the lawn police where not around.  Nice thing was that for a half hour there were no leaf blowers or lawn mowers blaring, just an occasional airplane coming in for a landing at the nearby airport, and a family telling each other good bye with 'I love yous' in the distance.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The War Against Women

When I was in a accelerated mental frame of mind, I realized that after WWII came the War Against Women.  I noticed a post in the Hopewell government court office.  1946 Dinner dance, of the Highschool Honor society.  It came to me that after the war, a war that women at home helped to win (by entering the workforce at home) intellectual women became the next target.  Intellectual woman can think obviously and their focus is often social concerns.  After the war it was realized by men in power, that women raise sons and women are more compassionate by nature due to mothering tendencies.  The Nazi's dismantled the family to raise less compassionate, more nationalistic members of society.  Generally speaking , when thinking about WWII we envision USA on the side of the allies.  Not all Americans were against the Nazis as evidenced by the Nazi doctors being taken in by the USA (CIA)after the war.  Women with their nurturing tendencies are less tolerant of crimes such as the war crimes of the Nazis.

After the war, the Bimbo  image of brainless women came popular, as with the Barbie Doll, among men.  Men can feel threatened by an intelligent woman.  Making women stupid and pretty and just a sex object is a calculated move by the elite to disempower women.  When young girls fear feminism and fail to embrace their own right to an intellectual image the men in power steer to flock of female sheep.  These little stupid lambs embrace their stupidity as a source of attraction.  Some of the men in society find this imagery emblematic of all women.  Men might then find other men more appealing if they think most women are ditzes.  Marilyn Monroe, while coming across as stupid and fragile was actually very intellectual which is why she was murdered. (I believe she was murdered).

Once upon a time I was pro gay rights but something I read from a Roman Catholic man made me realize that there was something bigger going on, as in a war against the traditional family and mostly against women.  Like the ancient Greeks, our culture is embracing men with men and in the process lessening women.  Men see the power of women and want it for themselves, rather than embracing a female.  They want to take the female power.  I heard that statement in the movie Witches of Eastwick.  The devil character, says, "Its women who have the power. "  There is a power struggle in society between men and women.  The society further expands on this struggle.  The statement the personal is the political, by a famous female women's rights activist exemplifies this. (Carol Hanish) This is even more true as creepy medical scientists do sex changes on people and demand we not punish these poor mixed up souls.  I am not advocating being cruel to sex change victims.  I believe that they are victims of a very sick society focused on destroying the strong mother, the thoughtful woman, the caring wife, the angry woman, and the innocent young girl and the outspoken crone.

If you are a man or woman with gender issues, please think about how society is messed up and messing you up before you let them mutilate your body.