Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Adobe Beige in the Living room

I painted my living room today.  Amazingly enough it is done and I did not start till after one pm.

I hope that the terra cotta in the dining room does not clash. I has a northern exposure.  Adobe beige has some red in it.

I used Benjamin Moore.  The painting is my room mates.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weight Gain with Medications

Three weeks ago I started going to the gym a few times a week. Yesterday, I got on my bike and did my twenty minute route that I did routinely prior to winter.  I could not believe how out of shape I still am.  I have gained thirty pounds in the last year due to my medications.  I am trying desperately to cut out sugar and alcohol, vowing to no longer bake sweets or buy chocolate bars for the occasional nibble treat.  I gained the weight with pretty much minimal snacking.  I was on Invega in 2014 and gained but I eventually reached a plateau, this Abilify Maintena must not have a plateau or it is 200 lbs for me.  My son said the answer is walk a lot and only eat a cup of food at each meal.  His buddies have lost a lot of weight with that method.  Abilify is to treat mania and depression, but what could be more depressing than being obese?

I have decided to eat salads everyday.  That is how I lost twenty pounds in 2002.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Accidental Cheese Making

I buy milk in glass bottles from Byrne dairy.  Last night I attempted to make some hot cocoa and when I warmed up the milk it curdled.  It did  not smell sour at all.  I think I must have contaminated the bottle with something that acted as rennet as it looks as though I made some farmer cheese.

It does not taste sour at all and the cats love it.  It does not smell sour either.

I will have to search about making cheese.

Review of the Invitation Spoiler Alert

Read the plot here of The Invitation

This movie is a creepy thriller.  I found it interesting to my personal life as part of my delusions are that there are cults in the area.  Murderous cults.

The cult members in the movie see death as a positive thing, that they are murdering to help people.  They see themselves in such pain that the way to peace and happiness is to cross over to death. They want to die and to take all their friends with them, with a grand poisoned toast. (Sorry if I ruined it for you!)

 I am not a murderer nor have I any plans to ever be one, as murder is wrong and I would never presume to feel the right to take another's life.  As a person with mental issues, and the stigma that goes with it, people have feared that I am capable of such.

With any of my personal relationships and delusions about people, I have always taken the position that they must be mind controlled cult victims, so I am rarely angry.  I don't appreciate people thinking that I am violent, because I am not, even when I am mentally unstable.  Even when angry, I am not violent or vindictive.

It is creepy to see the murderers perspective. It is disturbing to me that people are so relativistic about murder.  It reminded me of my break up with a former bf.  He said if a little girl was told how special she was as a sacrifice victim(and she believed it), that he did not see anything wrong with her murder.  That is moral relativism to the extreme.  I am always glad that I broke up with him when I recall that conversation.  It was just a philosophical discussion, of course.

The protagonist mercy kills a coyote en route to the party ....foreshadowing.  The protagonist is gas lighted by the host and hostess.

I would imagine that this movie would be a favorite for people involved in cults such as a Satanic cult.  Gaslighting is their special maneuver.(as seen in many movies)

The end of the movie shows multiple homes on the hillside with red signal lanterns lit...message could be that relativist death cults are all around us interspersed in society.

Why did I watch The Invitation?  I had seen it on a family members fb page.

Years ago, when I was unstable I thought that I had been murdered multiple times and time looped out of it.  My family found a list of all the people who had tried to  murder me and by what means.  I left it open around my house, because it was not a secret.  Yet it was perceived as a hit list rather than a "hit by" list.  So,  I was put away for a few months.  My sister to this day probably does not believe me as she asked "why did you leave it around?"  It was a HIT BY list.  I  thought I was immortal.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tarps Work Better than Leaf Blowers

Americans love a new tool.  A tool that revolutionized leaf removal about twenty years ago was the noisy obnoxious totally unnessessary leaf blower.  Tarps work perfectly well for leaf removal.  I hate noise polution so I hate leaf blowers.  I believe that lawn work is a time to get into physical shape, not taking the lazy man's route.  Leaf blowers are gas or electric and use energy in their manufacture as well as in their use.  BOO hiss to leaf blowers.

This blog entry is also to document my wellness, as I am behaving as a responsible home owner would.  I have photographic evidence of my dedication to lawn conformity.  My old tomato plants were removed, my mint was trimmed, the remnants of wild asters were removed and the trumpet vines were trimmed back.  The leaves were transported by tarp as any naturalist would do.  There are no "rank" areas in my yard.

The rake is visible in the corner of the photo above.

In this picture below, you can see a hot rod, which was quite noisy.

This is a little bunny tail pulled off, most likely by a vicious feral cat or one let to roam by its owners.  I found it in the lawn.  

How to use a tarp.  1. rake leaves into a pile.  2. rake leaves onto tarp. 3. drag tarp to edge of lawn for pick up.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Rant Against Outdoor Cats

With my last post about cat litter, I got to thinking.  Some might say, "Oh, my cat is an outdoor cat, I don't worry about litter."  Well, outdoor cat owners, I have a lecture to give you.  Outdoor cats are a menace to birds and other wildlife.  Birds are on the decline in North America and it is thanks to cats that they are disappearing.  If you are a responsible cat owner you will keep your cat inside. 

Outdoor cats have much shorter feline leukemia is a contagion and many die prematurely due to cars.  If you really care about your cat you will keep it inside.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Cat Litter is Not as Simple as You Think

My house has three levels and there is a litter box at each level.  I have been ridiculed for having such.  But, I don't like my doorway to the basement open at all times, it creeps me out.  It is damp and drafty down there.  I will let the cats down there and leave it open when I go out, but when I am home I prefer it shut.  If I left the basement open all the time I could eliminate the need for litter on the porch/catio. The upper level of the house is home to a high tech invention, which does not belong to me.  The new fangled contraption is an automated kitty litter box which needs no scooping.  It belongs to my roommate who is presently out of the country.  She bought it as I am to care for her cat while she is away and she wanted as little work as possible for me to do.  Her cat has her own room and I put her in there periodically.  Caliope needs a break from Leo and vise versa.  The main point of this blog entry is to discuss kitty litter, not cat politics.

We have the standard clay, made to accomodate more than one cat and it is scoopable.  I like to scoop the poops out, cause I can't stand the odor or the artificial odor of odor control fragrances.

You can get much more for your money if you scoop out the urine clumps and feces daily.  This is on the first floor, on the Patio catio porch.

Then there is the feline pine.  It is sawdust, and never smells fake or disgusting.  It is on the basement level.

Here we have the automated cat litter box on the top floor, in the Caliope's private domain.  She poops and pees into silica crystals.  Imagine that?  CRYSTALS!  How sophisticated can a cat get?  About ten minutes after she "goes"  a little automated rake pushes the feces into that purple compartment.  As you can see, it is a plug in device.  It is completely out of my value system, I would never purchase such.  It does not matter, it is my roommate's.  It is very popular as the original supplier of crystals was sold out.  These crystals come all the way from China.  Perhaps they will become more expensive, with the trade war ensueing!