Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

home made toothpaste

mix baking soda and hard coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint oil  I had all the ingredients and must credit my daughter for the idea. I was alternating swishing coconut oil and brushing with baking soda and she advised making a paste out of the two and adding some peppermint oil.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

mussel sauce

I bought some frozen mussel meats and used my clam sauce recipe with clam juice for a tasty Sunday meal.  I use flour in my recipe, as I want more thicker sauce, some people just use oil.  I put in some fresh parlsey thanks to my roommate, who ran to the store.  We also had a purple cabbage vinegary salad that my daughter brought for me.

1/4 cup olive oil, sautee the onions, a handful or two of chopped onions.  Add two tablespoons of flour.  cook until smooth and bubbly add 8 oz clam juice and a splash of white wine.  I used rose.  Next add the mussel meats and the parsley and heat through.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  I call it mussel sauce instead of clamsauce, it is really clam sauce with mussels.  Thanks to Tops friendly markets for the great selection of seafood and fresh parsley and fresh pasta.

The dishes are new this year and the pasta dish new this week, it is Wedegewood Edme which my mother  owned when I was a little girl.  I found it at an antique store, could be the exact dishes.  The pasta bowls are new from replacements ltd.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Leo at Eight Months

My cat Leo, is an extraordinary jinn.

Here he is posing on the bathroom window sill.  One morning I had slept through my alarm and he woke me up with a meow.  Meow's are rare for maine coon cats.  Most of the time he makes trilling noises.  He only drinks water flowing from the faucet and he enjoys some milk each day.  I feed him Hill's science diet.  It does not show very well in this picture, but he is very big for his age.  He has a female housemate cat that he teases and plays with, but for the  most part he is gentle.  He does not like to be picked up, but sometimes he will tolerate it with a purr.

I normally don't allow him on the table but he was sooo cute playing with his shadow that my heart strayed from discipline.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

belly dance for exercise

I think it was in 2010 that I discovered belly dancing exercises.  I found the Neena and Veena you tube videos.  They have a great work out, including cardio that you can do in your own living room.  I was going to join the gym, but I think I will commit to the Veena and Veena workout each day.  I have sporatically used my dvd of them that I bought and I do yoga as well.    My roommate says belly dancing was invented to help women be in shape for giving birth.  I am long past that stage in my life, but I still enjoy being in shape.  I have been bicycling as well, but I don't do much of that in 3 degree weather, unlike the die hard snowbikers.

I have yet to try this one!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

If You get into Trouble with the Law and are a Nurse

When you are a nursing professional you have to be professional and accountable.  When I was off my medication and all my fictional realities came into my consciousness, I was irresponsible as a nurse.  I did not want to risk jail time with my misdemeanor charge so I plead guilty.  Now I must go before the nursing board and pay a fine.  The lawyer for the State of New York is going to go for a good deal, which is suspension of liscense and a stay of suspension.  Perhaps,  this will be followed with  a couple of years probation. I had to give permission for the states lawyer to contact my doctors.  Since I am in compliance with my doctors recommendations, all is well.  My nursing practice is good, with my confidence level a little lacking.  This confidence thing is related to my neurons firing so I believe it is related to my medication.  I need to take my medication, so I must train myself to come across with more confidence, sort of like role playing, or taking an acting class.

The misdemeanor charges were all explained in former blog entries which were removed.  Essentially, I warned my daughter of an imagined danger.  I thought someone was a cannibal.  This frightened her beyond measure.  If I am fearful of something, they sometimes imagine that it is something that I am personally capable of.  I am not capable of something like that!  Anyway, I drove past my daughter's house when there was an order of protection in place and the police thought I was going to violate the order so they arrested me for violating the order.  This is not the way law enforcement is supposed to work, but it is the way it does work.  I am convinced that there are many innocent people locked up, if one can get arrested if the police think someone might do something.  Luckily it looks as though I will continue to be able to work as a nurse, regardless of the fact that I obeyed traffic laws and stopped for a school bus.

writing project

I have been thinking things over, and sharing my stories with my room mate, who is now my writing coach.  She is an educated writer and finds my stories fascinating and has given me encouragement.  First I have written down a dozen or so stories that came to me while I was delusional.  These stories were drafted into an overview and now I need to flesh them out.  First short story will be about my years in Germany as a little girl.  I believe that there is a magicality about the four year old girl child.  I will share my memoir but it will have a fictionalized twist.  The reader will see how it is difficult to tease out just what is real and what is not about my reality.  She says that it is an amazing time to be a writer, because of the new frontier in television that is opening up with series that are on netflix and amazon.  There is an interest in alternate realities, such as with DARK and Stranger things.  The sky is the limit!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

On Being Normal

I took down many of my old posts as I am trying to appear as sane as possible.  I have a respectable job now and I am trying to be an appropriate member of the community.  That is pretty bad, hiding who I am to fit in.  If you read any of my posts from 2015 or 16 they are a little out there.  I can see when I read them that my mind was not right.  I was very creative though and I probably should put them back up as a time line testament to my progress to normalcy.  Normal is a tough idea for me.  Am I normal now?  No, it is not the norm to have experienced what I did, so I guess it is impossible to ever be normal.  I guess I can be a normal person with an interesting past.  Do I want to be normal?  What is the norm for personalities?  I am not a conformist, but I must conform to societal norms so that I can keep my freedom and my ability to earn a living.  I would never want to scare people or make anyone fear me.  That is the downside of being different.  People fear what is unusual and can imagine that you are dangerous.  I have never been dangerous to anybody.

I enjoy nursing.  The legal troubles that my family gave me in response to my mental state now are echoing through the New York State education department.  A person with a license is expected to uphold normal behavior.  I have a misdemeanor criminal record so that has to be figured out with the state.  I doubt if they will be too hard on me, as I have come a long way towards recovery.  It will be a 500 dollar fine, at least.  I want to be able to continue with my nursing career.  I want to fit in with society and be a normal nice person who practices nursing.